Do you run a marketing enterprise and want to make a lasting impression on your clients or potential customers? Well, as technology has progressed, a lot of developments have been made in this field as well. Gone are the days of physical brochures, cards, pamphlets, etc. Nowadays, innovative promotional goodies, like promotional video brochures, LCD Video greeting card, Video cards, etc are gaining some serious traction. Let us look at these products in detail.

Promotional video brochure- 

Video content is the most popular mode of information and knowledge dissipation nowadays. They are extensively used for marketing and promotional purposes, but how does one stand out from this seemingly unending tide of video content? Promotional head shavers can prove to be a very good option for this. These are custom-made and printed brochure that has an embedded liquid crystal display [LCD] screen mounted inside. A pre-recorded video message along with audio can be uploaded on the on-built memory of this device and anyone who receives the brochure can witness the video. These are extremely engaging and can leave a very positive impression on the minds of the consumers. Now, let us take a look at the benefits of using a promotional video brochure over other forms of marketing collateral. 

  • Establish connections- Traditional visiting cards have become pretty monotonous and boring. A well-targeted promotional video brochure can help you engage your potential clients and connect with them greatly. It can help arouse your client’s interest in your product and also deliver a positive image regarding the brand. This can also help you narrate the story of the brand or the product to your clients. Video and audio are better stimulants than visual mediums, hence they are a lot more effective mediums of promotion. 
  • Cater to the customer’s demand- People dispose of reading material after going through them once but they are extremely unlikely to throw away a video brochure. Most of the people nowadays prefer consuming video content over reading and as a result, these video brochures prove to be greeting marketing tools. 
  • Vast access- You can instantly access a whole new demographic with these video brochures. Since active internet connectivity is not necessary for these to work, they can be literally used anywhere.
  • Create a more appealing design- The video brochures give you increased flexibility to customize your promotional material to a very big extent. You can choose from a plethora of fonts, colours, interactive features, and overall get-up of the brochure. The printed brochures of yesteryear were pretty limited in this field. An attractive promotional video brochure can greatly raise its appeal and customers can be better engaged with them. 
  • Adaptable- These are extremely dynamic and you can change the entire nature of the brochure by simply uploading a new video file to its storage via a USB. This makes them cost-efficient and easily adaptable to any situation that may arise in the operation of the business.
  • Boost sales- Videos sell better!. These video brochures, if made properly, can deliver a very positive image regarding your business and help potential customers get a better understanding of your products and services. An informed customer is less likely to switch over to a competing brand and make learned purchases. 

These were the various advantages of using a video brochure as promotional material. Now, let us take a look at another form of marketing collateral that is getting popularized rapidly. 

LCD Video greeting card-

Traditional greeting cards have become pretty boring over time and lack innovation. These LCD video greeting cards can be a fun, and heavily customizable substitution for the antiquated greeting cards. These have a compact LCD display and onboard storage that enables you to upload any video message of your choice on them. These can be reused, replayed, and serve as amazing promotional material. There are several agencies online that can create these cards for your business economically and efficiently. Now, let us take a look at some of the advantages of an LCD Video greeting card. 

  • Engaging- These can be extremely engaging and your potential customers would love on. They would be able to relate more to your product and thus would increase your sales. 
  • Versatile- An LCD Video greeting card can be extremely versatile since it can be used not only as marketing collateral but also as an alternative to traditional cards. One can use these cards in B2B dealings, birthday greeting cards, anniversary cards, etc. 
  • Cross-format support- These video greeting cards usually come with support for multiple video formats. This comes in handy and gives them a very great deal of flexibility. 

These are some of the advantages of video greeting cards. Just like video brochures, there are a lot of online sellers who deal in these. Make sure you procure from a seller who is trusted and uses good quality components. 

Final take:

These innovative forms of marketing collateral can help you grow your reach, increase engagement, and take your business to greater heights overall.   

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