Picking out a case for your phone requires that you give your selection plenty of thought. While you could just buy the most basic and inexpensive case possible, it really isn’t the right case for anyone. In fact, such cases should be considered “temporary cases,” since these cases do not come with many features, nor are they protective of your phone. Learn how to pick the perfect phone case with a few simple tips.

Protective Features to Consider

When you are searching for a phone case with the intent to provide adequate protection for your phone, you need to know what is available. There are two types of protective cases. One is a very hard case that can absorb shocks when you drop your phone. The other is a soft case with an interior hard frame. The jelly-like soft case reduces impact while the inner hard frame protects key drop points (e.g., the corners) on your phone.

Hard cases also come in several levels of protection. For example, they may state that they resist impact from drops, or they are waterproof. Some are rated according to the height and force of impact that the cases can withstand. A heavy-duty military-grade hard case is the toughest, hardest, and the most impact-resistant case of all.

As for waterproof cases, you may have to decide whether or not this is a necessary feature. If you are frequently working near or on water (e.g. as a pool contractor or a commercial fisherman), then water resistance is a must. The best phone cases provide the highest grade of impact resistance combined with the highest level of waterproofing.

The Right Case for the Right Model of Phone

Phones of all makes, models, and sizes currently have their front cameras located in various parts of the phones. An iPhone 14 Pro has three lenses in a square that is 1.5″x1.5″. No other phone case besides the ones made for this phone will fit, much less allow the camera area to have access to everything around you.

Furthermore, you are not going to buy a phone that only fits a Google Pixel if you own a Samsung Galaxy or vice versa. Know exactly which make and model your phone is and look for cases based on this information. Also, be aware that some smartphone models carry the same make and model name, but have bigger or smaller screens (e.g., 3.5″ screen, 4″ screen, or 6″ screen). The bigger the screen, the more likely your device is labeled a “phablet” (phone-tablet) and it will need an equally enormous phone case.

Custom Phone Cases

Finally, there’s the aesthetic of a phone case. A lot of people choose cases to express themselves and their personalities. If you want your phone case to do more than protect your phone and fit the phone you have, you may want to consider custom phone cases.

Custom phone cases allow you to pick just about any picture, pattern, color palette, etc., on the back side of the case. You can get custom cases printed by certain businesses, and also by sellers who offer custom cases for sale online. If you need custom phone cases for business phones, you can get phone cases imprinted with your company’s logo. It’s helpful in identifying and keeping business phone lines separate from personal phones.

Additionally, phone cases may have card wallets or pop sockets/ring holders attached to the back. A few may even have built-in magnetic charging pads that allow for cordless charging when your phone is capable of that. You can request that your custom phone case be made with these extras.

Choosing the Right Phone Case Manufacturer

Last but not least, you should consider the manufacturer of your phone case. You could choose a phone with some or all of the above features and get the perfect case, but who do you buy from? Know your seller, know your brand, and know the manufacturer and their guarantees and warranties on the phone cases they sell.


When all of the above lines up, and you have invested in a phone case that has a guarantee and/or warranty against defects, craftsmanship, and damage to your phone when dropped and/or submerged, you have picked the perfect phone case.

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