Are you looking to design your own Gift Card Envelopes? You can find thousands of free printable which are easily available online. There are foldable gift card pockets, gift card sleeves, pizza boxes, simple envelopes, pop up boxes and single card designs, just to name a few.

You should never keep yourself limited to the graphics that the designer might have in mind when it comes to downloading and High Resolution Colour Printing of the Gift Card Envelopes. Just print the shape you want, outline it onto the scrapbook paper, and turn the Gift Card Envelopes into a one of a kind design customised by you.

You can make your own Gift Card Envelopes by following this simple recipe:

  • First, choose the shape of the Gift Card Envelopes that you want to design,
  • Download the template of the gift card holders.
  • Get a High Resolution Colour Printing of the template on a regular copy paper and cut it out.
  • Lay the copy paper onto the designer cardstock paper and sketch around it.
  • As instructed in the original design, cut out the new Gift Card Envelopesand fold it accordingly.
  • Your task is done. Just put the gift card inside and its ready to give it to someone.

The number of custom made Gift Card Envelopes you can design is unfathomable with so many shape of gift card holder to choose from and cardstock in a wide variety of designs. Have a look at some of the most popular shapes to get started.

(1) Folded Pocket Gift Card Envelopes:This type of envelope can be easily made, can hold the gift card firmly and can be also stylized with layers of paper. You can also stack a couple of pieces of decorative papers and get cute colour combinations and extra dimension.

(2) Gift Card Envelopes with pocket in front: It’s really a simple design, having just a card folded in half, with a Panera gift card tucked in front. Just download and get a High Resolution Colour Printing of this card. Fold the cards in half, make a cut to the front of the cards, seal the edges, and simply tuck the gift cards into the slit. The gift cards will snugly fit into the pocket. You can also add confetti to the cards which will surprise one as soon as the Gift Card Envelopes are removed.

(3) Circle Flap Gift Card Envelopes: These envelopes are quite easy and quick to make. Cut out four circles, fold each one in half, perfectly tape them together and just fold the tops over to design the envelope. It’s quite obvious that the fold lines will appear but there is no need to jockey the circles around to get everything lined up.

(4) Freedom Folded Gift Card Envelope: Almost similar to the envelope mentioned above, the only difference is that in these envelopes, you don’t have to cut the lines straight. Cut the pack along the curves of the water on the High Resolution Colour Printing Design. You can also use decorative scissors to cut zig zag lines, scallops and other fun edges in the pockets designed by you. So, when you are designing the pocket, you can be a little crazy with the cuts.

(5) Coal Shapes Gift Card Envelopes: These envelopes are anything but straight edged. You can choose from several designs like latte shape, donut design, and Popsicle holder to tuck the gift card inside. These Gift Card Envelopes go perfectly with ice cream gift cards, local coffee shop gift cards, and your donut store gift cards. There is no need to use the artwork on the holders. Just get a Hi Resolution Colour Printing of these templates, outline it on a white cardstock paper, get hold of the colour markers, and let the kids colour their own designs.

(6) Gift Card Sleeves: These type of Gift Card Envelopes are simple to make and easier to customize. The best thing about this type of envelope is that you can cut several sleeves from a single piece of cardstock. These Gift Card sleeves can be used all year round. Just download the design and outline them onto your cardstock for the upcoming occasion.

(7) Gift Card Envelopes with Banner: Its takes a bit of time to study these envelopes. At the first look, you will feel that it’s just like a normal greeting card which is folded in half. But, once you go through the instructions, you will discover some instructions that make the Gift Card Envelopes both distinctive and trickier to make. In order to get the envelopes placed correctly, you only need to have some basic origami skills. The most sought after thing of this envelope is that is the banner that goes across the folded envelope.

Key Takeaway:

So, these were some of the most popular Gift Card Envelopes that are quite easy to make. Just get a Hi Resolution Colour Printing of them and fabricate them in your own hands.

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