What do you need to do to prepare your house to sell? There’s plenty – and it begins with the exterior. Here are some suggestions to help you improve the look of your home’s appearance and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Begin With The Lawn

You should not judge a book by its cover. It’s true, but this rule shouldn’t be ignored when trying to sell your Gambia real estate.

It is possible to change the cover with ease by cutting grass and moving on to the next step. Make sure your bushes are tightened up with trimming, clear of any yard debris and add fresh mulch to your flower beds.

If you’re not afraid to spend more money on hiring landscaping professionals, then do it. An expense of only a few hundred dollars can result in adding thousands of dollars to the value of your property due to the “curb appeal”, “curb attractiveness” phenomenon.

Fencing And Walkways

It’s possible to make your walkways look sharp using lawn trimmers. It’s easy to do to flip the blade upside down to trim the edge to create a cleaner appearance that is more professional. Place some flowers that are vibrant in areas that require brightening.

The process of preparing your home to sell can be dirty work, however a few dollars’ worth of flowers will increase the value of your home.

Get your fence clean with new paint. Make sure to apply the paint first to get rid of any remaining dust or dirt. Also, ensure that you paint after the surface is dry.

Be sure that your address is easily identifiable and consider buying a new address in the event that it improves appearance from a distance. If you’re talking about addresses, think about buying a mailbox.

Last but not least, thoroughly clean your windows both inside and out. They ought to be sparkling!

Let’s Get Inside!

The process of preparing your home to sell also needs some effort on the inside. The entranceway sets the tone for prospective buyers. Install new lighting bulbs and clean out any dust, cobwebs and dirt.

If you own a doorbell, be sure it’s working. If your doorbell is not working actually could end a deal far too early.

Check that your door locks are in good operating condition: no squeaking jamming or sticky locks and definitely no issues that require an expert in physics to determine.

When you are inside, ensure that your entryway is free of clutter including umbrellas, shoes, toys, umbrellas, and everything else that might get out of the way. A stylish coat rack or shoe rack can bring some interest to an otherwise boring space.

Let your closets breathe by getting rid of any unwanted items such as coats, hats and other clothes that you should have donated to a shelter a few years ago.

Make Your Kitchen Shine

It’s the perfect time to dump all the leftovers out in the garbage. Buyers are likely to examine all the cabinets and of course, the refrigerator, too.

The cost of eating out for some time will be tiny amounts when compared with the value that a tidy kitchen adds for your house for sale in Gambia Bijilo. Clean out the countertops.

You would like these, as well as your kitchen to appear as large as it is possible. For those who have wooden floors, a light waxing is all you need.

The idea is to give the appearance and space not just to the exterior of your home for sale as well as the interior of the house. If you’re not sure of where to begin, and have employed a realtor and are looking for ideas, ask them. They’ll be more than willing to prepare your home to sell.

Strategies For Staging Houses That Are For Sale

If you are selling your home it is crucial that the home is attractive to buyers. Making preparations to put a property for sale takes a significant effort to ensure that it is sellable.

The process of staging involves changing colours and décor strategies to ensure that the homes are appealing to a variety of buyers.


While people look at Gambia houses for sale Brufut that are for sale, part of the process is to imagine yourself in the house.

If they go through an apartment that is filled with personal possessions of the current owner it can be hard to imagine owning the property by themselves.

Sellers need to decorate in a subtle manner, without stark colours or bold themes. This usually means choosing neutral shades and avoiding bright shades and white.


Homes for sale must be clean and free of personal items. Items and personal items are best to be stored away in boxes or bins to be transported to a new residence.

The rooms must be minimally decorated with only a few items to give a sense of openness. The most important rooms to consider cleaning include the living area as well as the kitchen and the master bedroom.

Prepare An Agent Your Home For Sale


Get rid of all personal possessions from the walls. Wall decor and family photos must be removed to be packed prior to showing to invest in Gambia.

It is possible to leave a stunning mirror in one of the walls but that’s the only aspect of the decor. After you’ve removed the walls, concentrate on fixing them. Unfinished walls are likely to expose a myriad of blemishes and other issues like cracks, gouges, or nail holes.

Putty fills these spaces and then sands them down using fine sandpaper. Pick a neutral colour to paint the walls. Paint the walls to finish this preparation work. Tan, beige and grey are popular colours for walls.


Certain areas of your house must be sparkling to make it ready for the sale. Get rid of all closets including shelves, and the floors.

Put clothes in a neat manner without cramming with too many things in a closet. Clean the bookshelves and straighten items in the racks. Clean out the kitchen pantry and then place new lines on shelves.

Clean the bathrooms from floor to ceiling let them shine. Cleanse the air throughout the home to let potential buyers enjoy the fresh smell of a tidy home.


Be aware of how your property appears on the outside. A well-trimmed and neatly mowed yard will create the impression of a neat and well-maintained property.

Get rid of all rubbish and clutter. Pots brimming with yellow or red flowers near the front door could make a huge impression on potential buyers.

You can expect to invest a few hundreds of dollars during the process of staging. This is an investment that will lead to a better price for your house.

What You Could Lose If You’re Not Properly Advertising Your Home For Sale

In the highly fiercely competitive market for home sellers advertising plays a significant role. If it wasn’t for the advertisements then you’ll probably not be able to purchase the Gambia house prices you’re currently living in.

Your neighbours may not be part of the same neighbourhood as you were, not for the sign, the ads in print, or social media or online that they’ve seen.

A Broader Market

The advertising efforts tend to cover the largest market possible, even for a certain segment of buyers. Selling a home is similar to selling other commercial products.

It is essential to stand out with your marketing strategies in order for your business to be seen by the people you want to reach.

Right Property Price

Failure to market your home can cause you to lose the possibility of receiving the correct price for your home.

Sometimes, buyers can see the urgency you have to sell your home, so that even a low-quality price will look appealing for you in order to get the property convert into the much-need cash.

Other Connections

Marketing your property or home for sale offers unlimited opportunities to expand your contacts.

You’ll be able to meet sellers, buyers’ agents, brokers, as well as other professionals from the real estate companies in Gambia sector. It is also possible to meet people that aren’t part of your locality in terms of profession, or your circle of friends and circles. 

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