The modern digital nomad, able to work anywhere anytime. Sounds like a dream come true
for those that can achieve it. But sometimes finding a reliable wifi connection and power
source can feel like an endless struggle. As a traveller it’s important to have a home base
like a modern Seminyak villa. These luxury villas are perfect for you and your whole team to
centralise and get work done. Chill by the private pool and enjoy the stunning view while you
type away. With super fast wifi, plenty of power points and a large dining table to set up all
the equipment needed to finish even the toughest project. If you want a change of scenery
then some of these cafes are some great spots to get some work done, try some great food
and not feel like a lonely hobbit.

1. Sisterfield

Representing the well established café culture of Australia this cafe brings the art of good
food and delicious handcrafted coffee to the heart of Bali. While spending the day working
here be sure to not just get a coffee. Try the fantastic food as you will not be disappointed!
Take a seat by the street so you can watch the interesting world go by in between tasks.

2. The Corner House

A humming cafe during the day and a vibing nighttime club in the evening. This is one of
those places you can literally spend the whole day here. A coffee in the morning, a
handmade soda in the afternoon and a beautifully crafted cocktail in the evening. After work,
stay for dinner to enjoy delicious gourmet modern European cuisine.

3. Kynd Cafe

A relatively new place Kynd shines as one of the best cafes in Bali. Give this one a chance
to be your favourite spot to pass the day. Instagramable in every way you may even be able
to get some content while working. The plant based and healthy menu might be a welcomed
change from the pastry and chips in some of the other cafes. Smoothies, juices and healthy
meals to power all the brain work you will be doing. They also have delectable coffee and
strong wifi.

4. Nebula Bali

Featuring a wide variety of local flavours as well as international inspiration. A smart focus
on unpretentious food and drinks create a relaxed atmosphere with wholesome dishes.
Started in two thousand and thirteen Nebula has evolved into the locally sourced
powerhouse that it is today. Come for the food, stay for the good vibes. The area is a fun
and busy environment and that is felt in the restaurant as well.

5. Cafe Kim Soo

Not only a very well decorated and designed cafe they are also a living experience and
housewares store. Everything you see can be purchased in their shop as well! The simple
and delicious classics are the main dishes here. French toast, full English Smoothie Bowls
and Avocado toast are just some of the great creations to graze on during the work day. All
recipes are homemade and have been handed down to the owner for generations.

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