If you typically spend your Saturday nights outwitting unsuspecting contacts with prank phone calls, you’re going to love what prank apps have in store.

The prank call app is a great addition to your prank phones, improving the user experience through a variety of technological features.

There are many prank apps, each with its own functions. Some apps mimic real prank calls and send an automated recording to the recipient. Some apps allow you to instantly change your voice, allowing you to fool others more convincingly.

We’ve scoured the web for the top apps to save you from downloading bogus ones. Let’s get started!

Apps for Prank

You’re likely to be familiar with the OwnagePranks YouTube channel. We’re happy to include their app as one of our top recommendations. This prank-calling simulator sends an automatic pre-recording directly to your recipient. It gives the illusion that a real person is on it.

Professional actors record and voice pre-recorded calls. This ensures that scripts are executed to the highest standards. 

Each pre-recording features a scenario that can be applied to everyday situations, such as a paranoid man warning you not to get close to his lover, or an angry Uber driver who arrives too early. You’ll also find many of the same characters as their YouTube channel, including TyronneBiggums and Buk Lau.

Scripted calls have an AI built-in, which is different from a soundboard. This feature, also known as speech recognition technology, allows pre-recordings to pick up keywords and respond or pause at the appropriate times.


  • There are many pranks to choose from, and there are over 100.
  • Different accents available for different scripts to enhance Prank phone calls
  • It’s simple to use. Choose a prank script and select your contact. Then, call.
  • You will remain anonymous during the call because there are no User Caller IDs.

Voice changer with effects

Are you the anonymous prank-caller in your friends’ group? A new voice can reduce suspicion and make your prank calls more fun. Voice Changer with Effects transforms the sound of your voice almost immediately, offering a variety of effects.

The app has more than 40 sound effects. These include Monster Robot, Giant, and Zombie.

It is easy to change your voice. You can do this by recording your voice using the app’s Record function. Next, you can apply your preferred sound effect. Once you are satisfied with your recording, you can play it over the phone or online as an audio message. 

You can also use your voice clip to set an alarm or sound notification in your Smartphone.


  • Over 40 effects are available to transform the sound you make.
  • Record yourself and apply sound effects
  • Send an image or sound online by adding it to your voice recording

Mr Caller Free

Mr Caller Free simulates prank calls. The app allows users to make outgoing calls and instead makes incoming calls.

How can you use an incoming call to play a joke? It will all depend on you. You’ll determine the outcome of your imaginary conversation. You can create any prank scenario once you are engaged in a conversation.

Are you stuck in a meeting at work and want to get out quickly with a valid excuse? It’s easy! It’s easy! You could trick your children into believing Santa Claus is calling. Have a conversation with Santa on Christmas Day. This prank requires a fair amount of creativity, so prepare ahead.


  • You can organize a fake incoming phone call whenever you like
  • With a new number and name, identify bogus callers
  • Fake calls can be used to fool others in the area

Fake video calls – FakeTime

Fake Video Call- FakeTime allows you to switch from fake incoming calls into online videos. This will allow you to prankster your way to new heights. This app shows preinstalled high-quality videos featuring different characters to simulate a real-life video chat.

Video calls can also include your face. Therefore, it is important to speak and act naturally during a conversation in order to fool others. Even though the video calls aren’t authentic, it is easy to see how it mimics one. Fake video callers will be able to create their Caller IDs and make them look legitimate to anyone listening.


  • Schedule incoming video calls
  • You can add a video to your site or select from the preinstalled videos.
  • When will the video call start?

Users can add custom videos to any of the videos already installed. You can add custom videos of friends or celebrities you find online. These ideas are by Mr.Frudo Marketing Manager for OPPO Reno 6.

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