PHP is one of the most popular services in the software industry. As a top-tier programming language, PHP has driven the engineering landscape due to its exceptional profitability and outstanding platform compatibility.

Major companies like Facebook, WordPress, iStock, Wikipedia, Spotify, Slack and others have utilized or continue to employ PHP as one of their programming languages.

Today, numerous start-ups and businesses have turned to PHP development simply because of its ease of use and high performance. Some also choose to outsource talented and experienced PHP developers to build unmatched websites and web applications. Needless to say, website development is the ‘new normal’ to run any business successfully!

Are you considering outsourcing PHP developers to India? If so, let us help you make your mind by listing out a few benefits of outsourcing PHP developers. But before we proceed, let us learn a bit more about the role of PHP in Web Development –

What is PHP used for in Web Development?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general-purpose scripting language used for developing dynamic websites and web applications that are quick and user-friendly.

You must be wondering What Makes PHP So Popular in Web Development?

Well, PHP is platform-independent, which means it can be run on Mac OS, Windows, Linux and it supports most web browsers. It also supports all web servers as it is easy to deploy on systems and platforms at minimal cost, making it accessible to a lot of people- these are the reasons for the immense popularity that PHP has gained over the years.

So, Why Should You Choose to Outsource PHP Developers?

If you already have in-house PHP developers, chances are that you will consider them to complete your projects. However, businesses that have in-house resources still consider outsourcing developers since there are multiple benefits that cannot be ignored. If you are a start-up company and are looking to scale up your business, then that’s all the more reason to outsource PHP developers.

Below are the reasons why outsourcing PHP developers could be the answer for your business –

1.            Cost-Effectiveness

PHP is already cost-efficient as it is free to download. Outsourcing too is a cheaper way to complete all your development projects. You will not incur any overhead costs that you usually spend on in-house resources like their training, medical claim, employee benefits and so on. Also, you will be able to find talented developers at a better price than you would locally. Hire PHP developers from India and save up to 70%!

2.            Access to a Global Pool of Talent

Finding a highly skilled PHP developer is a challenge but what if your search expanded to the world? Well, one of the major benefits of outsourcing is that it doesn’t restrict you to your area or region. With outsourcing, you get access to wide expertise and knowledge from across the globe and thanks to technology, you can use platforms like – Skype and Zoom to stay connected with your outsourced PHP developers.

3.            Round-The-Clock Support

Now that many people have started to work remotely, businesses have realized how convenient it is in terms of cost and work. Not to mention, it is already clear that you can stay connected with each other regardless of the time zone you are currently in by using technologies that are available. Moreover, outsourcing companies have made it a point to provide extensive support – you just have to send a message on the platform and you will receive an instant response.

4.            Increased Security

One of the biggest concerns with outsourcing is related to security. Be sure that whenever you contract an outsourcing partner to work on your project, they take into consideration all your security concerns and prioritize them.

Since you will hire from a reputed outsourcing company, chances are that they will know about all the existing loopholes and already have in place ways to deal with security threats, protecting your work from any attacks. You can also ask to put safeguards like CSP (Content Security Policy) foradditional security.

It is important to keep in mind that not all outsourcing companies will offer you what you’re looking for. You need to carefully examine and review their previous projects just as you would while hiring an applicant. That includes taking into consideration-

i.              Product quality

ii.             Overall cost

iii.            Time management

iv.           Language barrier

v.            Mode of working

vi.           Project management tools

vii.          Risk management system

viii.         Medium of communication

Before choosing any outsourcing company, compare your business’s requirements with the company’s policies. Be clear with your ideas and communicate freely about your expectations before settling down on one company.

Summing up…

Outsourcing is complicated and challenging but with the right approach, you can find reliable and trusted outsourcing companies for PHP developers. To get the most benefits out of the outsourcing company, hire skilled and experienced PHP developers from a well-known company.

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