Many of us have been astounded by Amazon’s ability to provide highly relevant product recommendations based on our preferences. If we thought about Siri or Alexa and their ability to understand and react to our questions so correctly. Then, Artificial Intelligence is the technology behind it. We can say Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives just like online shopping. Understanding the importance of Artificial Intelligence almost 56% of businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence as per Adobe and Forrester. 

In fact, eCommerce is going to facilitate 95% of purchases by 2040, according to Nasdaq. Without question, AI will have an impact on retail digitization. The retail industry has an enormous scope to get from AI. AI adaptability can provide many distinct benefits to most shops, depending on the nature of the business, the target audience, and the rate of development. Magento is one of the most powerful and widely used web development platforms for eCommerce companies, with millions of websites using it. 

Auto-Distributed Page Tagging and Catalog Sync: 

Using AI-powered product recommendations, storefronts are automatically tagged without the need for any programming or coding. It ensures that everything is installed correctly, requiring merchants to exert minimal work. The merchant’s product catalog is immediately synchronized to a specialized cloud service to offload processing from hosting (Magento servers).

Product Recommendation Using Artificial Intelligence:

Product recommendation by Adobe Sensei is one of the powerful marketing features of Magento Commerce. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to deliver AI-driven personalized experience to customers. This can help Magento commerce merchants to save time and increase their store revenue. Adobe sensei collects Behavioral and Catalog data to create automated product recommendations.

Merchant can also choose recommendation types. Some of the most popular recommendation types include Recommended for you, More like this, Trending, Most viewed, Most purchased, Bought this, bought that.

Live Search powered with AI: 

With Adobe Sensei, the customers can get fast what they exactly are looking for. As machine learning technology together with AI grants merchants the capabilities of “searchandising”. Merchants who had already made use of Product Recommendations can get the benefits of Live Search by providing robust reporting on the search keywords helping in merchandising. For example, Live Search can help the merchant in offering better product recommendations based on search keywords. 

Fraud Prevention: 

One of the most important factors to consider when running an eCommerce company is fraud prevention. With the rise in online financial frauds and thefts, people are increasingly concerned about their financial transactions and personal information security. A reputable online store would ensure that all transactions are completely safe, secure, and compatible with basic guidelines. In fact, for each and every extension Magento marketplace is carefully created for security, compatibility, coding standards and even to check plagiarism. 


Magento 2 with a motive to offer a smooth shopping experience is successful in understanding the customers’ needs with highly responsive themes, commerce architecture with no header, ERP integration, PCI compliance and much more. And, as we understood how Artificial Intelligence leverages in Magento 2 store it has much more to offer when implemented in a strategic way making better use of Adobe Sensei. So, level up your Magento 2 store now.

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