Is your Wix website on the lookout for more traffic? Do you think SEO has a role to play? Then you’re right! To drive quality and more organic traffic to your Wix site it’s wise choosing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s arguably one of the most critical aspects of helping your business website come to full bloom on Google. Essentially, SEO is a digital marketing skill that you can utilize for driving and then converting optimum traffic to the website. When deciding to create your own site, SEO tips, it’s understandable how choosing a free website builder will work in your favor. And that can only happen if you rely on quality SEO best practices Wix.

Learning the concept and SEO best practices Wix

For a long time, Wix has brought tremendous improvements in the platform’s SEO capacities. What is amazing is how it’s impacted a large number of users and businesses, within a limited span of time. Start-ups or those who intend to make a foray in their businesses or lack adequate budget to engage professional web designers and developers, can resort to Wix. It’s emerged as one of the finest ways to get you an online presence, especially if it’s your first time. The popularity that Wix has attained in such a short time span has led to the platform’s hosting of more than 160 million websites. Speaking of low cost, you can even launch the Wix site for free! And that too, using the drag-and-drop interface.  Besides, there are plenty of starter templates that anyone can use. From restaurant owners to tradesmen, anyone at anytime can launch a site now. The platform is also replete with eCommerce functionality for those who wish to get started with their first-ever online store. Given the add-on apps that it has, you can do more than what you ever thought with your website.

The Problems with Wix

Strange as it may sound, Wix isn’t meant for all. As a drag-and-drop website builder, you can use Wix to its full capacity for availing a solid web presence. If you check the best free website builders, Wix might surface at the top. No wonder, it’s often compared to sites like GoDaddy and Weebly. When it comes to ‘extensive customization options’; Wix would be falling short of its expectations. At this point, WordPress can emerge as the undisputed ruler.

Wix has been a point of concern for many, from the standpoint of the SEO industry. There were criticisms aplenty that emanated largely because the platform had issues related to SEO. For example, there’s no option to add alt tags to images, or structured data markup. Shoddy URL structure was built on each paged that was defined by ‘#’. Also, there was no way of optimizing title tags and meta descriptions for blog posts. Now that sufficient improvements have occurred over time, the platform helps carry out all such on-page SEO. However, that’s the start to a good SEO strategy.

How to boost Wix website SEO?

Getting a higher ranking on search engines is actually possible.  To get the maximum of Wix SEO, here are some tips to get started.

Identify the audience

There’s always a risk of making losses while being in the market for the business. But as a good entrepreneur, you can target your audience by teaching them first.  With the right information and your flair of writing, you can reach out to the audience and know what they want.

Keep an eye on the content

When you’re thinking of ways to how to boost Wix website SEO, decide on the type of content you want to provide your audience. Is it informative or promotional? Try and get into the content details so that the audience takes interest in it. Sometimes you can try offering test content to check if the audience is enjoying reading.

Focus on keywords

Devote quality time to Google Analytics. Look for keywords that you can target and how you must use to rank them. Wix is a quick fix initially. However, you need to know the details thoroughly to obtain the best in “keyword selection”. For this, you must do keyword search. Whether long or short, research more about the works needed for keywords formation. Also pay special attention to the location in the keywords that can help you rank above in the search engines.

Correct domain choice

For this, you need to analyze few factors. Firstly, decide on what you wish to offer your audience. You can choose to customize the domain. Opt for domain names that are precise, and contain keywords. When the domain name includes keywords, the chances of ranking high on Google are higher. Ensure you choose a domain that will come of great use when SEO makes an entry in the picture. Likewise, buy a similar domain. Consulting with an expert is recommended. For example, you can hire certified SEO experts from Indiato know more.

Use your metadata descriptions

To make your site rank high in search engines, take care of metadata. A proper meta-description has a good length and includes keywords. For starters, meta-description is a brief description of what the product is all about. Make good use of it so that you’re capable of convincing the buyer why they can benefit clicking on it. At the most, it shouldn’t exceed 150-160 words. Choosing the correct keywords and distributing them well becomes visible to search engines by default.  

Optimize the page URL

93% of online activity begins on search engines. And this is no mere assumption, it’s a fact! Since search engines consistently crawl over the website, make it a point that the URL is inclusive of all the relevant keywords. This way, you have a chance of putting your URL on the first page of the Google search.

Optimize images

Optimize the content with proper images. This is because images offer an invaluable insight in the deeper part of the issue. Not that search engines will monitor every image. But, using a short description with the keywords and a god picture will put you ahead than most others.


To conclude, Wix is one of the best resources if you’re thinking of building your first website, especially for new users. But if you have mastered SEO well and understand the fundamentals, switching on to something higher like WordPress will be a better idea. For a better idea, hire certified SEO experts from India.

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