One way your business can offset costs and improve competitiveness is by outsourcing jobs. However, you must understand what tasks you can outsource and in what areas to make the most benefit for your business. That way, you can create a balance between your business and outsourcing. With your business running smoothly, you’ll be able to focus on customer satisfaction, product quality, customer service, and product innovation. 

Nevertheless, here are five tasks you can outsource to improve your business.

1. Marketing and Promotion

The marketing department is a large expense for most business owners, even small businesses. You can outsource the marketing and promotion of your products. For example, you can outsource pay-per-click ads.

In addition, your business can benefit from blog posts, graphic design, content marketing, and advertisements. If you want to create a new blog or website, you can outsource the freelance writers who help you with the content. 

While you are responsible for marketing your products, you don’t need to write all of the content yourself. Instead, you can hire freelance writers for your blog who have experience working in your industry or on similar topics.

2. Cloud Services

If your business runs efficiently, you’re generating more data than ever. Lots of data can quickly become overwhelming, so you can outsource your cloud computing tasks to professionals with cloud computing expertise.

With cloud managed services, a third party can handle cloud optimization tasks and infrastructure security while you focus on other areas in your business.

3. IT and Computer Repair

Your IT department is one of the many essential departments to your business’s success. But since you have multiple jobs in your firm, you may not have the time or human resources to handle your IT needs in-house.

A computer or network technician can usually handle everything from installation and repair work to complete system setup and support for your business. 

If you have some in-house technical prowess, you can also outsource for extra assistance when the workload becomes too high for just one person.

4. Tax Preparation

You can outsource your tax preparation to professional tax specialists trained in the industry. While most small businesses utilize online tax preparation software for their taxes, you can hire experts to handle your corporate filings. This way, you won’t have to spend time learning the software and managing your taxes when you have other priorities.

Additionally, many tax preparation services include custom software intended to save business owners time and effort in preparing their taxes in-house. However, this is a customized and expensive option. Most businesses are better off looking for a general service that provides their clients with direct access to certified professionals.

5. Hiring

You can outsource the hiring process by hiring a recruiting agency if your company is looking to hire new employees. They can handle all the screening, interview processes, and coordination with potential candidates on your behalf.

Additionally, they can help you manage your company’s onboarding process and compliance needs. This helps ensure you follow all the recruiting rules, corporate structure, and employee management. 

A recruiting agency can help ensure that you hire suitable candidates for the job. This enables you to save time, ensure hiring standards, and focus on what your business needs most.


Outsourcing is a booming trend in the business market, as it helps businesses to save time and energy, which they can then invest in other areas of the company. Consider the above tasks that your business can outsource.

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