Basically, the printer is not printing is a common issue for the users who are using the HP printers and that issue can become from various reasons like from connectivity issues to the faulty drivers or the configurations and if you want to find a good fix in it so you can follow some methods which are described below as they will help you to fix the HP printer won’t print problem.


There are five methods to fix this problem or issue which are given below such as:

  1. Perform basic troubleshooting: This is the first method in which you can do the troubleshooting when you have find that the HP printer stops working in which you can also check the status of the connection between the printer and the computer. You have to make sure that the devices have to be properly connected with each other and the network which you are using to connect the devices should be normal. For this problem, you can also try to restart the HP printer in which you have to turn it off completely then unplug the power cord and then plug the printer’s cord.
  2. Update or reinstall printer driver: This is the second method in which you need to update or reinstall the printer driver so that you can fix the HP printer, not the printing issue. The easy way to deal with this problem is to use the driver easy in which you need to recognize the system of yours and then find the correct drivers for it. You can download and install the drivers by using either the free or the pro version of the driver easy.
  3. If you want to set the HP printer as default then you have to follow some steps which are given below:
  • Firstly you need to press the window logo key as well as the R key on the keyboard at the same time so that you can open the run dialogue and in this, you have to type control and then hit enter.
  • After that in the control panel, you have to select the devices as well as the printers.
  • Then you need to go in the printers section in which you have to right-click on the HP printer and there you have to select set as default printer and then click on yes if it is prompted.
  • At last you will see a tick which is below the icon of HP printer which means it is now set as the default printer.
  1. Cancel all print jobs: This is the next method in which the print queue is containing the failed print jobs and that can stop functioning normally and it will lead to the printer not the printing issue. There you can clear all the print jobs to get the printer back to the normal.
  • firstly you need to open the devices and the printers in control panel.
  • After that you have to right click on the HP printer in the printers section and then select see what is printing.
  • Then you need to open the printer menu in which you have to select open as administrator.
  • In this step also you have to open the printer menu again in which you need to select cancel all the documents.
  • After that confirm the action.
  • At last as you have cancelled all the print jobs of the printer so check it now and see if it is running properly or not.

Check printer status:

This is the last method in which you have to check if the hardware issues is there on a printer or not. Then you need make sure that the HP printer has the enough paper or ink and then check the status of the printer and try to replace it with the new one if it is not good. There are some cases in which the HP printer stops printing after replacing its parts. If it is happening then you should install the original one again and see if the problem has been resolved or not.

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