It is always true that change is the law of nature, just as in the case of technology, which byproducts virtual events. The pandemic is largely a reason for virtual events’ popularity today due to their success and consumers’ shifting attitudes toward feeling comfortable in digital spaces. Additionally, in present times, where the situation is normal to still, the demand for virtual events has been boosted. 

The comfort and choice of every individual for how they want to attend events is the leading reason for many organizers to host virtual events. To some extent, all these combined have given rise to another industry, namely hybrid event services, and hybrid show streaming software. These new industry experts are quite beneficial for event organizers and hosts as they provide a hybrid summit platform. These platforms have lots of customisations and functions which enhance the user experience and adhere to key requirements and event objectives. 

Read through this comprehensive Q & A guide to hybrid events to learn more both as a host and as an attendee. 

1. What Is A Hybrid Event?

The term “hybrid event” refers to a trade show, seminar, career fair, or other event that combine elements of both online and offline events. These are events that are pre-planned that permit the participants, either on-site or remotely, to connect and interact with each other.

2. What Are The Types Of Virtual Events?

The distinctions between internal and external hybrid events and some of their most typical examples are:

Internal Hybrid Events

Internal hybrid events are best for a company’s internal meetings, for example with staff, employees, leaders, and others. It is somehow quite impossible to bring all members into the same conference room, so hybrid events are somehow beneficial. Here are some examples of typical hybrid internal occasions:

  • Sales start
  • Global town halls
  • Team meetings with a larger size
  • The Company Spirit Weeks

External Hybrid Events

External events are events which are designed for your prospects, customers, clients, customers, etc. The transition of your live event to a hybrid format will help you attract more people and reduce the carbon footprint of your event. Events that are external that can be transformed into hybrids are:

  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Customer meetings
  • Product demonstrations

3. How Hybrid Events Different From Virtual Events?

The basic difference lies in the nature and functionality of the hybrid event, as it offers in-person attendees. In a hybrid event, the attendees can see a replica of the event with accessibility to many features and in real-time interaction (if it is offered by the host). There are many virtual components which can be introduced, such as 3D virtual venues, networking sessions, participating in activities, and the ability to explore products in a fully realized environment in a more effective way than virtual. Additionally, hybrid events provide higher-quality production and a higher ROI due to their functionality. 

4. What Are The Advantages Of Hybrid Events?

It offers a perfect opportunity for participants from different demographics to attend the event at the same time. This opportunity to attend the event in both manners can help to increase the event’s attendance that can be scaled, cost-effective, and provide more insights. 

5. What Are The Challenges Of The Hybrid Event?

It is crucial and important to engage and entertain both participants through the event itinerary and information. Additionally, by introducing games, social media, gamification, emoticons, real-time interaction sessions, activity participation, and others. All this can be done by hybrid show streaming software as they offer many customization options. 

6. What Does A Hybrid Event Look Like?

A hybrid event can accommodate many different events and easily serve different organizational goals. For instance, there are many types of events that can be organized within a hybrid event framework, such as

  • Conferences
  • Job Fairs
  • Trade Shows
  • Hybrid Presentations
  • Exhibitions

7. What Are The Key Features Of The Hybrid Platforms?

There are many key features that hybrid event services or platforms offer. First, they are simple to use and set up and offer numerous things that enhance the overall user experience and help in making the attendees engaged. Some of the key features are;

  • Integrated Experience
  • 3D Virtual Environment
  • Networking Chat Rooms(Breakout Rooms, Audio/ Video Chat, Group Chat Rooms, Moderated Q&As)
  • Analytics & Reporting

8. Does A Hybrid Event As Well As Digital Sessions Have To Be Held Simultaneously?

It’s a misconception that a hybrid event and live event needs to be streamed at the same time. This is not the only option, as it can be customized as per the needs of different demographics. For example, the pre-recorded video can be streamed for the hybrid events, and for the questions, an individual presenter can go live. In an event that is hybrid, using semi-live sessions to support the virtual element, the timeframe and options for breakouts and sessions online are significantly more adaptable

9. What Can I Do To Keep My Online Audience As Active As My Face-To-Face Participants?

Engagement goes beyond holding a Q&A with the audience. To make sure of being part of the audience, attendees desire to engage with other participants, and the presenters, and also network. One method to accomplish this is by having participants play a game that they both engage in. It’s also an excellent break from an event. Another option is hosting your virtual event using a gaming platform. Gaming platforms provide a fun, exciting, and interesting experience. The key to the success of a hybrid event is keeping the entire audience entertained by having short sessions and providing greater networking opportunities for your virtual guests.

10. How Much Does A Hybrid Event Cost?

A hybrid event cost can only be determined by the number of attendees and whether a hybrid event is small, mid-sized, or on a larger scale. 

A hybrid event’s cost varies on various things, including the number of attendees, or how big, small, or mid-sized event is. Additionally, what kind of features or tools do you want to use for the vent as it increases the cost? In general, the hybrid event services can be estimated after all the points are clear in terms of the number of attendees, functions, and requirements by the hybrid fest platform

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