Every device that you install or connect with your computer comes with device drivers. Some come with inbuilt plug-and-play features while others need proper installation to function and communicate with the operating system. Device drivers are made up of coded programs that smoothly communicate with the operating system and send and receive commands.

Why Device Drivers Are Important?

Device Drivers communicate with the operating system to control the device through the OS. If the device drivers are corrupt, missing, or incompatible, your device may not function as desired. As there are new updates for the Windows operating system, device drivers also need to be updated on a regular basis. It ensures that the device is able to communicate with the updated operating system and its features.

How to Update Device Drivers

 There are several methods to update device drivers on a Windows PC. You can try the inbuilt manual methods, update it from the OEM website, or make use of the Best Driver Updater for PC. Here you will explore different tricks to update device drivers using all the above methods.

 Install Windows Updates

 Microsoft Windows releases important updates that include basic inbuilt device drivers, patches, bug fixes and more. It is designed to install automatic updates however you can manually check it if there are any errors or notifications.

Step 1. Press the Window key and click on the Settings option.

Step 2. Select the Windows Update tab in the left bottom.

Step 3. Hit the ‘Check for Updates’ button on the top right to initiate scanning. Let it scan and come up with the latest found updates. Select all the updates, download them, and install them on your PC. Restart the PC to check if all the updates are installed properly.

 Download Drivers from OEM

 If you have installed a device separately and you are facing issues with the device, you can download the latest updated drivers from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) website. All the recently released drivers are first available on the manufacturer’s website.

 Check Device Driver

 Step 1. Click on the search icon and type Device Manager.

Step 2. Select the Device Manager App from the search results.

Step 3. Expand the device that has a yellow exclamation sign or find your device that is not functioning properly.

Step 4. Right-click on the found device, and go for Properties.

Step 5. Select the Driver tab on the properties window and check the device name, make, model, date, version, etc. these details will help you compare and select the latest version.

 Download Device Driver

If you have found what needs to be updated, with all the driver details, find and download the latest device drives from the manufacturer’s website.

Step 1. Access Google Chrome and browse the manufacturer’s website.

Step 2. Search for the latest compatible device driver. Compare the make and model and download the latest updated device driver from the website.

Step 3. Execute the downloaded file to initiate installation. Go next and follow the on-screen instructions on the installation wizard. Restart the computer to get the changes into effect. Check if the device started working properly.

Use the Best Driver Updater Software

 The Best Driver Updater Software can ensure that you never face any driver conflict. There are tons of driver updater software available from different developers. We have compared and listed the one that works great on Windows 11 and earlier versions.

 Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater has the best in class features to update device drivers on Windows. It ensures that all the device drivers are automatically updated at regular intervals. It has a large pool of database that downloads and installs all the latest updates directly from the OEM whenever there is a new driver released. The pool of databases has all the input and output devices like printer, display, keyboard, joystick, speakers, and anything that is connected to your computer.

Advanced Driver Updater performs regularly scheduled scans or checks for outdated drivers on your PC. If there is a new driver available, it automatically downloads and installs the best compatible device driver on your PC. It regularly updates its database and checks for missing, outdated, corrupt or incompatible device drivers.

 Final Words

 Updated device drivers are always required for smooth functioning of your Windows operating system. If there are incompatible device drivers, your device may not function properly or communicate with the OS as designed. You should always ensure that you have all the latest device drivers installed on your PC for a flawless computing experience. You can download and install the device drivers using Windows Updates, download it from OEM or use the best driver updater software for your computer. The best driver updater for PC will automate the process and install the latest drivers. Keep drivers updated for the best experience!

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