A home inspection can be defined as the examination of your house considering its safety and condition. Your house is inspected thoroughly by the inspection team. It is a professional team that is certified by the government to inspect your house. Different areas of your house are inspected by the inspector to make sure everything is fine. You can get a home inspection in Scottsdale at affordable prices.

Here are some of the things that result in failing a home inspection.

Issues Related to Foundation

A faulty foundation can result in failing the inspection of your house. These are the issues that are very costly to get fixed. The foundation issues may include cracks in the walls, issues with windows and doors, sloping floors, etc. You must hire a professional for a home inspection in Scottsdale AZ who could identify these issues.

This home inspection failure can be prevented if you get the issues related to doors, windows, wall cracks, etc. identified and fixed. If you are interested in selling your house, you must get these issues fixed correctly and efficiently. But if there are some minor issues, you should repair them which is not costly.

Water Drainage Issues

You can hire an expert inspector for house inspection in Scottsdale AZ. He can provide you with efficient and remarkable services. But water drainage issues may fail the inspection. Keep in mind that your lawn is a 3% slope away from your house. It is because it is helpful for flowing the water away from the house.

If there is no proper drainage system in your house, your property may get damaged due to water. The cracks can be caused in the settlement. The foundation may also be moved due to this issue. The water damage may also result in causing rot and mold which is bad for your property as well as your health.

Problems Regarding Plumbing

Home inspection companies in Scottsdale can provide you with the best inspection services. But the problems regarding plumbing may fail the inspection of your house. The leaking pipes and plumbing issues are considered the major cause behind the failure of a home inspection. These issues seem minor but may cause major damage.

Malfunctioning water heaters are costly to fix or repair. The homes which consist of old pipes face plumbing issues during the home inspection. So, you must upgrade your plumbing by installing a modern piping system. You must get all the visible leaks repaired. Make sure that you unclog and clean out the drains so that home inspection does not fail.

Rotting Wood

You should know that the exposed woods are also checked by the inspector when you hire a home inspection service. You can get home inspection services near Scottsdale AZ at affordable prices. Your home inspection can fail due to rotting wood. If the wood is affected by termites or mold, the inspection fails.

You should know that the inspectors check the windows, door jambs, wooden structures, and the roof thoroughly. It is because these are the areas that are exposed and easily visible. But the inspectors might not encounter wood rot that is caused by moisture and age. It in turn results in inspection failure.

Electrical Issues

You should know that electrical problems can also fail a home inspection. The inspectors can inspect the problems related to electrical wiring such as damaged receptacles, mission junction boxes, reverse polarity, etc. They will also encounter the type of wiring used in the house.  

We know that most home fire accidents occur due to electrical problems. It shows that inspectors are not very good at critically evaluating electrical problems. You can get the facilities of emergency inspection by the inspectors. You can also get the service of a home inspection estimate in Scottsdale AZ before getting the inspection service.

Hidden Mold

Hidden mold is also considered an important thing that is difficult to find. No doubt, black mold is very dangerous for your house which is also called Stachybotrys Chartarum. Most people do not realize what harm can be caused by mold.

You should know that mold can result in causing serious health problems such as skin irritation, headaches, respiratory problems, etc. So, it might be difficult for the inspectors to detect the hidden mold present in your house. Thus, it results in failing the process of home inspection.


In conclusion, it is to be mentioned that home inspection is necessary for your house at least once or twice a year. It is helpful for your house to last for a long time. You can increase the life of your house and other things present in it with the help. The inspectors for home inspection in Scottsdale inspect your house thoroughly so that they could check everything in your house. But they might focus on the exposed things, not the hidden ones which result in home inspection failure. 

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