Going on a camping trip can be an utterly adventurous experience for any person, but if you are going camping for the first time it can also be a daunting one. Even though it’s far thrilling to go on a whim without prior preparation unless you get prepared for the camping though, you might encounter a lot of obstacles and if you cannot solve them, your camping experience will be a total disaster. In order to avoid such a thing from happening, all first-time campers ought to be eligibly prepared. Whether you are going with your family, expecting a grandiose adventure, or merely going camping for full relaxation, here are some of the most essential tips every first-time camper needs to know.

Get all the gear

When it comes to gear and essential camping equipment, there are a few things that you should always bring no matter the weather or length of your stay. Make a clear camping checklist, and try to bring all the things necessary to ensure nothing would ruin your first camping trip. Some of the must-have camping essentials include a tent (obviously), a sleeping bag, a pocket knife, one foldable chair, a gas burner, matches, and enough food and water supplies. Having a good tent is of utmost importance because it needs to withstand torrential rains and strong winds.

Pack all neatly in containers

Besides the basic camping gear, on your camping checklist ought to be plenty of food and water supplies. Depending on the length of your stay and location, you should definitely have a small gas burner to eat your food or make coffee. A very practical piece of advice is to try organizing food in special containers at least spices such as salt and pepper. If plastic is too bulky or takes up a lot of space, you can place powdery spices into a small box of matches. When it comes to drinks, you had better carry water and beer in their exact container, but you can always bring your personalised stubby holders to place your drink in.

Know your gear

Before you get to your eagerly awaited camping spot, you need to be familiar with the camping gear you have bought and brought with you. It’s not enough to acknowledge you have a tent, but you need to know how to put it up and handle all other gear. There are a few ways first-time campers can get familiar with the gear. Firstly, you can read in detail the user manual for the tent, however, the most tangible way would be to watch some tutorials. Secondly, after watching some videos, it would be advisable to do a home trial. Having a fun run at home or a “make-believe” camping trial would give your plenty of insight into how to step up your gear and what you need to do or improve.

Choose a close campsite 

Most first-time campers dream about seeing picturesque fields, lush mountains, and peaceful forests the first time they set their mind to this activity. However, being a first-time camper, going to remote places and untamed wilderness is not a smart idea. The most beneficial thing would do go to a rustic campsite that has secluded grounds and access to running water. Don’t stay long but rather choose to on a fun weekend camping trip in order not to get overwhelmed. Also, avoid far and long trips. You need to get adjusted to this new activity, and to get acquainted with your gear and environment. Hence, for your first camping trip, try to stay close to your home so that in the event of some emergency or mishap, you would be close to your home if you need to pick something up or cancel the trip.

Do thorough research on the campground

As it is vital to look for campgrounds that are close to your home for your first camping experience, it is also essential to do research on all the amenities the campground possesses (or not). If you are going camping with your family and need electricity, search for campgrounds that have access to it. Those sites that have access to electricity will have other amazing amenities such as game courts, maybe a swimming pool, hiking trails, etc. Nowadays, there are plenty of campgrounds that offer communal restrooms and showers, and if you are travelling with small kids this is more than welcome. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be surrounded by other people, you can find a campground that at least has running water. 

Arrive early and pitch everything up

If you wish to get the best camping spot there is, you need to arrive on time. Once you pinpoint your campsite and check the location on the map, strive to arrive early so that you would have and use enough daylight to get everything done in time and enjoy. Pick a flat and soft spot to pitch your tent. Most eligible campgrounds will have nicely levelled grounds, but still, make sure it’s right aligned. Also, it would be beneficial if you could place your tent and gear far from the fire pit because in case the wind blows, you don’t want any risky mishaps occurring. Bear in mind that temperatures can drop at night, so it’s vital to bring a sleeping bag and maybe extra blankets. And of course, make sure that you dress in layers.

Have fun and leave no trace

In the end, the most crucial thing for all first-time campers to note is that you need to be utterly mindful and respectful of nature. Before you leave your campsite, make sure that you thoroughly clean the premises around your tent and that you leave the ground without any trace. Pack the garbage in separate recyclable bags and dispose of them when you get home or in a specialized container if the site has one. Being attentive towards Mother Nature will take you one step further to having a real camping experience and it would allow you to have fun without things overwhelming you. Let your mind be at ease, embrace the nature around you, and if you had prepared well, you would be able to enjoy the beauty of camping and have the best time ever.

Get the camping equipment and pack all the vital amenities before you set off on your first camping trip. Don’t let anything ruin your first-time camping experience, so go through this article nifty and do your homework.

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