You’re never totally dressed until you have a smile on your face. That being said, add a set of statement earrings to the list to look even more glamorous. Even if you adhere to Coco Chanel’s advice “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.’’ That item should not be the outfit-making earrings.

Statement earrings can be your knight in shining armour that you can rely on, whether it’s to elevate the simple black shirt or simply to refurbish that denim jacket. However, they are those pieces of jewellery that you admire a lot but are hesitant to wear on a regular basis or perhaps you have trouble matching your massive, attention-getting statement earrings with the proper clothing!

While there are statement earrings for every occasion and mood, there is no one-pair-of-earrings-fits-all. Choose from a myriad designs ranging from gold earrings with pearl,  pearl and aquamarine earrings to 9ct gold pearl drop earrings. Add numerous pairs to your jewellery box, one each for every occasion. The single golden guideline for getting these statement earrings right is – The more dramatic and big they are, the better.

In this guide, we will tell you how to pair your statement earrings on every occasion but before that let’s have a basic guide for the most common attire-

1.            Basic Black/White Shirt

We know, that many of you prefer black or white colour boxy shirts. However, adding a splash of colour to these sophisticated all-black or all-white ensembles might result in a head-turner look. You can choose big and colourful statement earrings like handmade pearl earrings that will grab attention.

2.            Denim Jackets

Denim jackets give you a bold and sporty look, no doubt, but if you want to add a touch of femininity to it, pair your denim jacket with a pair of basic yet hefty statement earrings. Take our word, it will make you stand out and look unique.

3.            Boho Dress

Summer clothing with a bohemian vibe usually makes you seem vibrant and full. To complete the Boho look, add aquamarine and pearl earrings. You can also add a grey pearl bracelet, but make sure that it matches the colour of your dress.

Additional tip – One of the wonderful methods to show off your statement earrings is to match the colour of your clothing or wear complementary colours. Wear black statement earrings with a black dress, for example. Alternatively, choose a complementing colour such as white or pink and you will look stunning.


Resist the urge to dismiss statement earrings as NOT SAFE FOR WORK; all you have to do is choose correctly. Make sure they complement your corporate outfit rather than going all off-board. Moreover, don’t forget to be practical. You wouldn’t want your massive statement earrings to get caught in your collar or desk while you lean down to pick something or to get in the way during a crucial presentation. If you are to take our advice, go for hoops or studs with hair tied in a bun or a ponytail and you will look great.


Go massively bold with your statement earrings, because, parties are for you to look stunning. Those bodycon, corset dresses will sure bring attention but statement earrings will take that attention to the next level. Statement earrings, whether they’re 9ct gold pearl drop earrings for your skirts or adorned ear cuffs for your dresses, are definitely can’t-resist-looking-at-you accessories for every party lover.


Gone are the days when people used to only wear diamonds to a wedding. Today’s sophisticated style favours both diamonds and enormous drop earrings. Pair your statement earrings with your favourite outfit and you will be ready to steal the night.

That’s all to it, ladies. We hope this ideal handbook for wearing statement earrings on any given day will come in handy for you. Also, don’t forget to pair your statement earrings with handmade pearl bracelets or grey pearl bracelets to complete the look.

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