With the surge in the use of Social media, influencer marketing has become a go-for marketing strategy. Influencers share their opinions and values with their audiences and grab their attention. Influencers of small scale can also provide you with the much-required attention and exposure you need. Social media Influencers are an excellent example of word of mouth and strategic partnership, which, when used right, can provide benefits.

Whereas 30% of the professionals claimed identifying the right influencer for the brand was the most challenging job. This is why you should plan everything before you start looking for a social media influencer, which this blog can help you with.

How to find influencer that fits your requirements:

It is imperative to choose a social media influencer that is perfect for your app. In addition, influencers must possess the skills to bind the audience with their stories. In this way, when they introduce your app to their audience with storytelling skills, consumers will be more likely to download and use it.  

Regardless of what the app is about, the influencer you will select will be your brand’s face in front of the audience. Therefore, you must conduct thorough research before choosing the one that is right for you. 

The best way to find an influencer on social media is through the use of Hashtags. First, be aware of current trends and the promoted content. Then, search for hashtags that correlate with your brand and look for influencers who use them frequently. Also, look for your hashtags so that influencers already using your brand name are more likely to work for you.

Social media will have micro and macro influencers, whereas micro is more niche-oriented. In contrast, macro-influencers have huge audiences and reach. Therefore, both can be considered and utilised as micro-influencer can get more number of click, and at the same time, macro-influencers can reach a more vast audience. 

Although when searching for YouTubers, all the above points need to be considered, along with using keywords to find those influences which talk about the same brands in your niche. YouTubers can produce longer and in detailed videos about your app. This is why they charge more than other platforms. So find the influencer who will not cost you an arm and a leg and also delivers your message to your targeted audience.

BENEFITS of using influencers:

Advertisement is relatively common these days, but people look for sources that provide accurate information from reliable source instead of some random advertiser. People are more inclined towards influencers’ opinions to whom they can relate. Additionally, its way more accessible for the influencers to entice their targeted audience naturally. Hence, when a social media influencer talks about an app, it is more likely that people will want to try it. 

According to reports and surveys, about 60% of potential consumers will download your app or purchase a product if an influencer or celebrity recommends it. 

Influencer marketing is successful because it tells a story their followers relate to. Now a day’s, word of mouth and peer recommendations are at the top when it comes to marketing. For example, if my friend trusts brands, will I give them a try on their advice? 

Influencers build good relations; they engage with their contact and discuss different topics under the post, which leads to brand exposure.

Influencers become the affiliate of the brand they promote and get several other benefits from the brand, too, such as discounts special offers and revenue from each affiliation. Furthermore, Affiliate networks link two different brands and publishers for the particular purpose of placing variety of different ad on site.  

Why app promotion is essential:

Mobile app marketing offers many advantages, such as branding, which helps enlarge the brand image across all digital platforms. Using the proper channels and an engaging story, the brand can instantly catch the audience’s attention and get fame.

Enhances Reach:

Mobile app promotion can enhance brand reach. Applying suitable strategies and effective campaigns can be vital for attracting target audiences. 

High Engagement:

After effective branding and reach, you should work on engagement. With personalised communication, enticing visuals and trendy advertisements, marketers attract users to the brand. 


The analytics from the data provides insights into the performance of the app marketing campaign. Marketers can track and inspect the campaigns with it.

Boost Sales:

After analysing the data, the marketers now have information on what is not working for them based on the performance. Therefore the strategies relevant to the categories can be created for progressive results and better sales. 

Catering to the needs of the User:

Everyone will use the app for different purposes; therefore, it is essential to market the app in a way that caters to each User’s needs. The app should provide customers with what they are looking for; otherwise, they might not use it. Marketers need to listen to customers’ feedback in order to make the customer’s experience better.


This blog discusses utilising social media influencers for mobile app promotion. Its importance, along with why a brand should even consider the marketing of their app. And how the marketing of their app is going to help the brand.

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