While availing any web application, zeroing in on the best programming language for web development 2021 is a crucial factor. The world is getting smarter by the day, and successive developments have occurred in fields like artificial intelligence, automation, and block chain, to name a few. Naturally, programming languages should be mastered in the current times, for diverse tasks like app development, web development, games, and more.

Why consider programming languages?

Considering our complex ways of functioning, learning essential programming languages is a life-saving skill! Chances are you might be struggling to decide on the best one or something that fits you right. Since all programming languages are varied, resort to an expert who can help you figure out what will be the correct one to proceed with. For example, you might love a programming language for the ease with which you can operate. However, it might not suit the criteria, or even create problems furthermore. This is where the knowledge of the apt programming languages comes in handy.  If nothing else, you can hire dedicated developer from India, who can offer you the necessary help in a jiffy.

What constitutes the best programming language for web development 2021?

Here’s taking a look at which programming language is in-demand in 2021.


Python is the ‘fastest growing’ and a high-level programming language that can be used for general purposes. It was released first in 1991, thanks to the effort by the creator Guido van Rossum. User-friendly and hassle-free, the maximum growth in web development happened for this language in the last few years. You can benefit the most using this, with some notable features like easy integration with web services, easy-to-use data structures, GUI-based applications for the desktop, extensive support modules, and good community development. It’s an open-source programming language, which adds to the list of benefits too. A great thing about Python is the clear and intuitive syntax, which is almost English-like. For the most dynamic applications, Python assures true versatility.

The reasons for its increasing demands are:

  • Wide-ranging applications like developing 2D imaging, 3D animation packages, and also while creating video games.
  • Multi-purpose language that most companies as IBM, Cisco, Google, Mozilla, Quora, Dropbox, HP, Qualcomm like using.
  • The web development framework Turbo Gear, Pyramid and Django are easy-to-learn, popular, and come loaded with features.


A very technical programming language, C++ is akin to the ‘bread and butter’ in this field. This is a low-level system, like the operating system, and hence the file system is commonly written in the form of C++. Since it’s an object-oriented option, it suits the criteria of most system-level programmers. You can use this for several purposes, like GUI applications, real-time mathematical simulations, Desktop applications, and more.

Few common reasons for the growing demand of C++ include:

  • There are ready-to-use STL libraries in this
  • More than 7M+ repositories for C and over 560Krepositories of C++ can be found on GitHub
  • Many companies like Spotify, eBay, Adobe, HP, IBM, PhonePe, and Oracle are highly dependent on it
  • Also, C++ can be used for multiple purposes.


Designed by Brendan Eich, web developers accept this ‘universal language’ for programming, as it is a feature-rich one. There are widespread uses of it, in the web development field. For the seventh year in a row, few surveys have declared and ranked JavaScript as the most popular programming language in this expanding industry. More than 70% of developers have already resorted to it in the past year, and that explains its immense popularity. Using this, you can create cool, interactive web pages easily. Also, if you aim to have a front-end programming language, look no further than this. For heavy I/O tasks too, this is the best fit, as it supports event-driven programming. But security-wise, it might let you down.

Still, the many reasons to depend on it are as listed below:

  • It can be practiced on the server-side throughout Node.js for creating “scalable network applications”.
  • Some accessible supporting technologies related to this language are Angular, Jquary, JSON, react (js Library), and more.
  • Several tech giants like SAP, Google, Dell, Accenture, and even Facebook heavily rely on it, to display the content to several users, dynamically.


This is recognized for being a popular choice among the varied web development programming languages. There isn’t a great deal of emphasis put on the front end and GUI of the application. But, it stays the undisputable option for managing all the interconnections between data handling and the server. You can power up any website or application with this, thanks to the stable and mature programming language that it is known for. Comparatively, it’s older than the rest of its counterparts, but definitely a reliable option. There’s a wide community of developers who have taken the onus to update PHP timely. From having tools for automated testing and deployment to enabling quick testing of the web applications, without making it a cumbersome and effortful process – PHP contains all these and more.

 If you wish to opt for the “lingua franca of statistics”, there are reasons like:

  • It’s open-source and comes with the cross-platform compatibility mode, so you can create several web-apps.
  • The R community has more than 6 million repositories on GitHub
  • Companies like Google, Twitter and Mu Sigma are overly dependent on the use of R


‘Old is Gold’ and the Oracle corporation-owned Java truly fits the bill! The most common and in-demand programming language in good use to this day is Java. Some of the most popular games that the world plays are also created by this language. Cited as the best for web and mobile app development, Java is ubiquitous. In other words, it focuses on ‘write once and run anywhere’. Compared to the native applications, Java apps however deliver a tad slower performance and occupy more space.

Still, you have reasons to include this in your learning list.

  • There are powerful features like high performance, top-notch security, and high memory management.
  • Scalability and portability across multiple platforms is something that no other language can provide.
  • It forms the base for and is used in several domains like mobile applications, web development, big data, and so on.
  • More than 3 billion devices use this, so its new frameworks are equally popular like Struts, Spring, and Hibernate.


It is difficult deciding on the best programming language for web development 2021, especially when there are options aplenty. It’s a fact that computer programming keeps changing rapidly. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, take a deeper look into each of them, and analyze which programming language is in-demand in 2021. In the event of not being able to, you can hire dedicated developer from India.

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