Summary – Do you want to open an OST file without Outlook? Or are you in search of methods to add OST file to Outlook 2016? If yes, then you have searched for the right guide for you. Here, I am going to describe the best methods to solve the “OST file cannot be opened query” of users.

OST File also known as Offline Folder file is linked with MS Outlook. This file format is used to store the work copies of users in absence of network connectivity. It is connected with the Exchange server and if the connection gets lost then the OST file becomes inaccessible.

However, there are some other reasons when the file OST cannot be opened Office 365. So, here I am first going to discuss the scenarios in which users cannot view their OST files, and then we will proceed further.

Outlook Cannot Open OST File – But why?

  • If your OST file or the Exchange Server is affected by a virus then you cannot open your OST file.
  • Sudden power cut-off also creates a negative impact on the Exchange Server.
  • When you shut down your system forcefully then it damages the quality of the Exchange server and makes the OST file corrupted.
  • Users may wrongly delete the mail account in which the OST file was originally created.

As we have learned about the causes of Outlook data file cannot be opened, let us now move to the main section of this post and know the methods to open OST file.

What is the Solution of the Outlook OST File Cannot Be Opened Issue?

This issue can be solved by two sets of methods. The first method is known as manual method and the second method is an automated technique. In the manual method, users have to perform certain steps and complete the entire process manually. Whereas in the automated method, users need not do perform any task by own rather an automated tool does the task for them.

Manual Method to Open OST File

  • At first, you have to exit from your Outlook account.
  • Next, open your Control Panel and select the Mail option.
  • Now, a mail setup box will appear on your screen. From that box click on the Email accounts option.
Email accounts option
  • Now, another dialog box will appear on the screen in the name of Account Settings.
  • Here, click on the Data Files option.
name of Account Settings
  • Here, you have to select the required OST file and then press the Open File Location option.
  • Now, press right-click and delete the file.
  • Then go back to your Outlook account and check your OST files.

This process automatically generates a new OST file that will contain all the data from your Exchange Server. It is free of cost method that you can use to solve Outlook OST cannot be accessed problem but this method is not effective in certain situations. Many users who have tried to open their files through the manual system have faced certain difficulties. So before going ahead with this practice, users must take into consideration the drawback of this mode.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

  • Manual Method is a laborious and tricky procedure.
  • It is not suitable for a novice or a non-technical user.
  • Data security is also at high risk under this methodology.
  • Users need to perform the task alone and as such, they do not get any help from outside.
  • This technique will only work when you have synchronized your Outlook account with Exchange Server.
  • No guarantee of satisfactory results by the manual procedure.

These are some of the major problems associated with the manual technique. Now, the question comes how to tackle the Outlook OST cannot be opened office situation? The simple answer to this question is by using any automated softawre like DRS Convert OST to PST Tool.

This tool is a professional method that can help you to open your OST file without any hassle.

Professional Method to Open OST File in Outlook

DRS Convert OST to PST  Tool is an automated method to convert OST files into different file formats and email clients. With the help of this tool, you can easily access your OST file data and convert them into your preferred format. The utility is very easy and fast to use. You can use this application by downloading its free demo version and check its efficiency. And in case, if you have any doubt then you can contact the tech support team at any time. This software will also facilitate you to skip your duplicate content or file attachment at the time of conversion. In a nutshell, this converter tool is a powerful package of advanced functionalities that can ease the task of its user and yet provide accurate output.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have disclosed two methods to open OST files. Both the techniques are different from each other in terms of execution. Hence, users are suggested to go thoroughly with this piece of information and choose the most appropriate process of opening the Outlook OST file.

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