Whether you are working solely in an office or offering remote positions, it is important to step into the modern age at work. Using outdated programs and equipment can disrupt your focus and slow down productivity.

Nowadays, there are ways to assign, share and check workplace tasks in just several minutes. This is great news if you are looking to improve your daily operations. The best part is that many apps and programs can be used on your usual devices.

Are you ready to upgrade your workplace? Here are five ways to modernize workplace tasks and boost productivity.

Comfortable Workspace

While a comfortable workspace may not fit in with smart speakers, applications, and video chatting, you need to start with the furniture and space before you upgrade your software and equipment. 

It is hard for team members to focus if they are uncomfortable, regardless of the latest apps and programs. So, now is the time to make the upgrade to ergonomic furniture for those who are working in the office. 

One example is a swivel chair that accommodates various positions and postures. You can also look into standing desks as a way to reduce back pain, stretch the muscles and improve focus. In addition, you can boost moods and reduce fatigue with natural light and greenery.

Digital Assistants

Once you are ready to upgrade your programs and technology, start with a digital assistant. In the day of Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, you most likely have a digital assistant on your phone or tablet. 

Use your digital assistant to schedule appointments, set alarms, and order supplies as needed. The best part is that your digital assistant allows you to complete these tasks even when your hands are full. 

One idea is to place a digital assistant at every workstation for your team members, which is especially easy with the standalone devices on the market today. Your team members can use their digital assistants for tasks ranging from checking their calendars to ordering lunch for everyone.

Automated Forms

One benefit of a modernized workplace is saving time, but checking and correcting forms for your team members can be time-consuming. Receiving incomplete forms from your team members is frustrating enough, but failure to complete and return the forms at all can set you back by several hours or days. 

This is why many businesses are turning to programs that offer form automation. Use automated form technology to ensure required fields and boxes are in place to avoid incomplete forms. This technology will save your business lots of time.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are becoming popular in workplaces, especially in businesses that offer remote positions. Using programs such as Zoom and Google Meet allows team members to attend meetings from any location, but it still offers face-to-face communication to avoid feelings of isolation. 

Hosting a virtual meeting is also convenient for team members who prefer to stay in their office or workspace, or you can use virtual meetings as a way to save money on renting a conference room. Additionally, virtual meetings are essential for solely remote businesses.

Cloud-Based Solutions

The days of waiting to receive work, reports, and other projects are over with cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions allow you to share and work with your team in just several minutes. 

Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive are just a few of the cloud-based solutions used by businesses today. Other cloud-based solutions include Microsoft Teams, QuickBooks, and Salesforce, which can be used for all your project, financial and customer-service needs. 

Many cloud-based solutions offer free memberships with plenty of storage, but you also have the option of upgrading to a paid membership with more storage and additional features.


If you want to ensure your team members are comfortable and able to work efficiently, you need to modernize your workplace with ergonomic furniture and updated programs and equipment. This way, you can increase focus, improve workflow, and boost productivity.

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