LinkedIn is an excellent platform for networking, finding people with similar interests, and much more. LinkedIn offers a great tool to facilitate communication between professionals. In this article, we will provide you with six tips to increase your response rate on LinkedIn Inmail.

1. Write a Good Email

You probably have seen many LinkedIn Inmail messages that don’t have punctuation, show bad grammar, or even spelling and syntax errors. Doing so will likely discourage your recipient from reading the message further. You should aim to write a good short letter instead. This means standing out as the relevant information provider and avoiding “sales” messages (for example, requesting your readers to buy your products). It also means keeping it professional and avoiding personal attacks, swearing, email flattery, etc. LinkedIn messaging templates can be a great help in writing your first good LinkedIn Inmail message.

2. Be Thorough

In a good InMail, you describe your professional goals in a very short and clear manner, highlighting the value you can provide to your reader. In addition, it is important to list the connections of your recipients and attach links to old content or other websites where a potential reader can find additional information. This step is particularly important, as the InMail recipient often receives lots of requests and isn’t likely to spend much time reading it.

3. Be Personal and Professional

Think of InMail as an opportunity to make a first impression and make it a positive one. The more personal your message is, the better your response rate will be. This means that you have to get creative and use different ways of introducing yourself to your reader. For example, you should include information about your mutual connections or share a funny story about you both. It is up to you what method makes the connection between you stronger (make sure it’s authentic).

Your LinkedIn message should always be professional and focused on providing value to your recipient. Avoid sending messages to people you don’t know or feel are not a good fit for your offer or services. It is even possible that your recipient will reject your InMail due to bad quality, so it is best not to send them at all.

4. Choose The Right Subject Line

Using the wrong subject line will most likely cause many emails to go unanswered. The right subject line encourages the recipient to read your message and decide whether or not they want to take action. If you want to make your subject line to stand out, you should ensure that it is anything from humorous to specific. Feel free to incorporate humor into your subject line, but make sure it is not too cheesy or offensive to some readers. You may get a lot of negative feedback for the “irreverent” content in your subject line and InMail.

5. Be Timely

Don’t forget that InMail doesn’t always offer a great deal of time for recipients to read it. The average length is 20 minutes, so be brief but don’t be too quick either. Make your message interesting and easy to read. You should use keywords to help your reader find the topic more quickly within the InMail. This is also important to ensure your reader has received the message or to see which subject lines they are most likely to open.

6. Make a Connection

The most important element in an InMail is the connection between you and your reader. Make sure to describe your connection with a reader in both the letter’s body and the signature. It is also a good idea to include a link to your latest blog post or an interesting resource you suggest your reader should check out.

Also, send InMail to people you have a connection with. LinkedIn will suggest people who have connections with the person you are emailing. Still, if the results are unsatisfactory, you can always get your network to help you find an appropriate person.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, LinkedIn InMail is a great tool for those looking to find new prospects for their business and improve their communication skills. Use these tips to increase the number of LinkedIn Inmails you receive and the response rates at which you receive them.

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