LeakPeek is a user-friendly and proactive data sorting platform that helps you determine if your sensitive data, such as passwords, email addresses, domains, or other credentials, has been leaked or propagated as a result of a hack. Users can acquire access to URLs and APIs to automate searches, and a brand new query can be constructed after finding a variety of results. By just inputting your email address, password, and other information, you can register for updates and functionality on the site.

With the help of a powerful search engine, where essential numbers can be inserted, the desired objects can be extracted rapidly, such as a breach and other missing modules recovery.

Who are we, exactly?

A tiny London-based team of academics and developers. LeakPeek was developed with the purpose of bringing cyber security closer to the general population so that additional efforts can be done to protect our online data.

Incorporated in the year 2019 LeakPeek Digital Security, Ltd. is a UK-based firm that ensures that the services accessible on our website are lawful and fully compliant with all EU data protection standards and regulations.

Customers may be confident that their personal information is safe when they visit our website.

What is the mechanism behind it?

LeakPeek indexes data from websites whose databases have been hacked and exposed. We allow our users to search for emails or usernames to see if their data has been compromised. We present all available information from the compromised site after a search. The user is given access to all connected data points discovered in the breach so that they can update their information and keep it safe from hackers and cyber criminals.

Is this permissible?

When a website gets hacked and the database is in the hands of several people who aren’t connected to the breach, it’s termed public information. According to a number of supreme court judgements, researchers are entitled to share and allow consumers to search for their material. We urge that you examine the legislation in your jurisdiction, but most western countries, including the United States, consider this site to be legal.

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