A parent’s duty is to keep their child safe from all sorts of adversities. However, they might not always be present with their child. In order to keep track of their kids’ activities, they can install a call recorder secretly. With this app, they can rest assured that their kids have not fallen victim to bullying, blackmailing, etc. 

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1. Use it as Audiobooks and for Sending Notes 

Reciting stories to your child in your own voice brings the story to life for them. The experience is both familiar and exotic, inspiring young minds to wander, explore, and fly–all while listening to your voice guide them. When you’re out of town or on business, put them at ease by reciting their favorite bedtime story in your voice.

Furthermore, even if you travel, you can offer lessons. For instance, your child gets stuck with a question on the number system. You can easily let them know the approach that they must stick to. On the other side, if your child has the call recorder installed on their phones, they can easily listen to the steps you suggested. And they can do this repeatedly. 

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Call Recorder on Their Kids’ Phones

2. Keep Your Kids Safe from Blackmails or Harassments

If you keep a tab on who’s calling your child, you can prevent any mishaps such as blackmails. If you find that someone is pressuring your child for money, you can stop it. Or, you can report the number to the police, to get legal support. Furthermore, you can stop any child abuse or unwanted advances from predators.

Since you closely monitor the calls, you can also forbid your child to interact or talk to strangers. If you feel that the conversation is not suitable for your child, you can block that number. A call recorder is just like spy software that parents use to monitor the activities of the child on the Internet. 

3. Know Whether Your Kids are Taking Drugs or Consuming Alcohol 

Teenagers, in the wrong company, often turn towards drugs and alcohol. They make all the wrong decisions and end up ruining their lives and academic career. To put a stop to such career-threatening decisions, parents need to intervene at the right time. And they can do so by following the conversation their children have with friends. 

Drug abuse and alcohol consumption is a serious issue among the teenagers and should not be dealt with lightly. Underage drinking is a significant issue in the USA. It is responsible for more than 3,500 deaths and health issues among teenagers. 

As a precaution, both parents and school authorities need to enforce stringent measures. And parents can do their bit by closely monitoring the recorded calls on their child’s phone. 

Call Recorder on Their Kids’ Phones

4. Take Advantage of Phone Logs Tracker 

In addition to call recording, you may look through your children’s phonebooks and SMS messages to learn more about their pals. XnSpy, CocoSpy, mSpy can also track WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, iMessage, Instagram chats, calls, and multimedia.

You can simply know if your kids are planning anything dangerous or if they have been bullied or are bullying someone if you have a call recording software installed on their phone.

Only a few apps allow you to record both sides of a conversation, and XnSpy is one of them. There’s no excuse to be in the dark about your children’s daily activities after they leave the house.

5. Use it to Block Fake Bank Calls 

Education requires a lot of financial investment. Apart from school education, students take tuition to have a better grasp of the subject matter and to clarify the doubts related to a particular topic. And this calls for a hefty amount of money. So, they have to rely on banks for loans or special student discounts and offers. 

Unfortunately, not all banks can be trusted, and there are more counterfeit calls to deal with, than you can possibly imagine. Many times, students end up losing money as they respond to fake calls and use the OTP that these banks send. If the parents had a call recorder to pry on, they would be able to safeguard their children from losing money and giving up personal information to strangers. 

Call Recorder on Their Kids’ Phones

6. Listen to What the Teachers are Saying 

If your kids are taking lessons from private tutors, you can monitor the calls and messages easily. You can take a look at the feedback that the teachers are providing upon the completion of a particular chapter. That way, you can verify the truth when you ask your kids about it. 

If they lie about it, you can confront them and ask them to go through their lessons thoroughly. You can check their progress and stay in touch with the tutors thereafter. Amid the Covid pandemic, this has been a huge plus for the parents as the students are currently attending classes and tuitions from home. 

These are some of the reasons why parents should install a secret call recorder on their kids’ phones. If you explore, you will come across apps like FlexiSpy, HoverWatch, Spyera, MobiStealth, etc. Get started with these apps today and keep your kids safe.

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