So, you’re among those who genuinely care about the rising issue of climate change and want to shift to environment-friendly items, and that’s why you’ve bought up a brand-new electric bike. Since electric bikes function differently, are you confused about how to use all the gears that come up with the bike? We’ve got you covered; here in this article, we will walk you through how to shift gears on your electric bikes to make the most out of them.  

What do the different electric bikes’ gears mean?

In electric bikes, gears are used for different speeds on different occasions. Electric bikes come with different types of gear, so you have to know the use of your electric bike to choose the best model based on gear capability. If you’re riding on a straight road, for example, in the streets, then only 1 gear is enough for you. However, if your riding involves mountains, then you may need more than 8 gears on your bike. You can easily ride by shifting different gears to climb up the hills or mountains. Here are the different electric bikes’ gears and what they mean.

1.     Hub Gears

It is one of the strong gears used in electric bikes. It is covered in a significant rear hub and considered a low-maintenance gear system. Hub gears have various gears for speeding ranging from 4 up to 14 gears. 

2.     Standard double

A standard double gear system is considered one of the best choices for racing. It has the largest sizes a chainring can have for the most oversized gears. As a result, it lets you pedal smoothly, even when you’re riding at higher speeds. It comes with two chainrings at the front with up to 11 eleven progression sprocket variants in the rear. 

3.     Triple

As the name suggests, this gear system has three chainrings. It is often about 30t or more minor and lets you add a smaller gear option. The pedal of this system allows you to climb up steeper hills. So, if you love mountain riding or ride regularly in the hill areas, you should go for the triple gear model-based electric bikes. 

4.     Compact

The compact gear system is a smaller double gear setup. It has two chainrings of smaller sizes. The smaller sizes help in reducing the gear ratios across the range. It is currently the most famous gearing system among electric bikes. The compact cycle gear reduces the gearing at the low end, which assists riders in riding at challenging climbs. 

5.     SRAM Apex

SRAM built its Apex gear around a small double chainset and a custom-made rear derailleur. It was one of the first super-compact gears created. In addition, the big ratio cassette helps to minimize significantly gearing. This advantage aids Apex’s ability to provide low-bottom gear. The bottom gear may be lower than the Triple gear. It does, however, have a much larger top gear than the Triple. There’s no need for the Triple if you have the SRAM Apex.

How do Bike Gears Work?

The majority of new riders underutilize their bike gears. They put in work and wear high-cycle gear. Many beginners shop for electric bikes at discount prices by using online coupon codes, and they grind the pedals at slow speeds, while others pedal fiercely but never get very far. Finding the proper cycle gear is the key to maximizing your cycling efficiency. You can pedal your electric bike speed at a consistent rate or cadence with the appropriate gear without pushing it too softly or forcefully.

What kind of cycling equipment should you get?

Your electric bike will work regardless of the front and rear gear combinations you use. Choosing the proper combinations, on the other hand, promotes smoother rides and a more comfortable experience. Smoother gear shifts on your electric bikes can be achieved using the following combinations.

  • Low gear This is good climbing gear. Switching down to this gear as you approach a hill can help you climb steadily and with less effort.
  • Middle gear This is ideal for cruising on flat or undulating terrains daily. It provides adequate resistance, neither too much nor too little. Flicking between the rear gears will be enough for roads that may go up and down.
  • High gear: This gear setup is excellent for accelerating, descending, and use on float roads. High gear lets you travel on a long journey. 

How to Shift Gears on Electric Bikes

You may have different shifters since it depends on your choice of electric bikes. Usually, people shop for electric bikes during special deals and use fun bikes discount codes to get their dream bike at affordable prices. Electric bikes with drop handlebars include shifters like we used to apply brakes. To shift gears on your electric bikes, you need to push the lever to the side until you hear a clicking sound. Mountain and hybrid electric bikes have flat bars, which require you to shift gears by utilizing set paddles operated with the thumb. In some electric bikes, grip shifters or dial is located inside of where your hands are placed. In this case, you need to rotate the dial forth and back to shift gears from one to another. The cable connected to the shifters tightens and loosens when you change gears. It applies force on the derailleur moving the chain on the chainrings—the following details information about each lever function on your electric bikes.      

  • The left-hand controls the front gears or derailleur by moving the chain up and down the chainring.
  • The right-hand controls the back gears or derailleur by moving the chain up and down the cassette.
  • The larger shifter lever moves the chain into larger chainrings. To make cycling more accessible, shift into the larger rings using your right hand. Pedaling with your left hand will be more difficult in this instance.
  • The smaller shifter lever is used to slide the chain into smaller chainrings. It’s advisable to shift into lesser gears with your left hand here for more effortless pedaling. It’s more challenging to shift gears using your right hand.

Wrap Up

Shifting gears on your electric bike can be challenging for you; however, you will soon start to hang out with it after some practice. The more you ride your electric bike, the more effortless gear shifting will become for you. Start learning it today and explore the world.

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