If you are one of those fascinated by the elegance and sparkle of exquisite jewellery items, gemstones must be a treat for you! These colourful stones enhance the beauty of various gold and silver jewelry thus making it ideal for wearing on special occasions. Whether you want to wear something western or go for a completely traditional look, gemstone jewellery is always a good choice to pair with. Also, gems stone rings hold great significance when it comes to astrology. Since these are precious stones found in natural soil, they are believed to liberate the problems brought upon us by planets and other universe elements. Hence, a large segment of the population tends to buy these rare stones to improve their lifestyle, health, and more. 

Apart from the astrology significance, gemstones are also associated with luxury and status in society. In the past, it was said that gemstones were possessed by kings and high-ranked nobles only. This nobility associated with gemstones in history seems to continue as we move forward in the present time as well. You’ll come across many rich and high-class people who own exquisite collections of gemstone jewelry to reflect their wealthy status and possessions. However, it’s not that other normal class people can’t buy or afford these gemstones. Now, you can find custom made ring in Brisbane that will be personalized to your design preferences and fit the budget. Although gemstones have always been in demand, their popularity has increased significantly over the past years. Unlike before when the sale of gold, silver, and plain diamonds ruled the jewelry market, buyers are now more interested in purchasing unique and illuminating stones. 

A majority of these gemstones bought are used in custom made ring in Brisbane. The regular gold and silver jewelry can be adorned with radiant gemstones to make the perfect ring that you’ve been looking for. However, there are so many options available in the market that it might get confusing after a point in time. Also, the rising demand for such precious stones has led to increasing fake gemstone dealers who dupe buyers with insufficient knowledge and experience. So, if you are planning to buy a gemstone ring, there’s nothing to worry about! This blog briefly enlists the basic factors that you need to know while purchasing gems stone rings in Brisbane. 

Gemstones: Value determining factors 

To make it simple for you, gemstones can be divided into two broad categories i.e. precious and semi-precious. This categorization was made by jewellers in the past when these gemstones were rare and difficult to find. The precious category included 4 major types of stones that are Diamonds, Sapphires, Ruby, and Emerald. On the other hand, any distinct stones found in nature than these 4 are placed under the semi-precious category. The categorization of these stones was made on the basis of their availability in nature. Moreover, the pricing of these gemstones is also dependent on their rarity and uniqueness. 

The key factors that you should consider while buying a gemstone custom made ring in Brisbane are as follows: 

  • Colour – Colour is an important aspect when it comes to choosing gemstones. When you visit a jeweller store, you are likely to come across a variety of colourful gemstones that you can choose from. Hence, choose the ideal shine and colour shade that you are looking for. While most of the gems will appear to be the same initially, observe them carefully to spot the different shades, brightness, etc. 
  • Carat – Just like regular diamonds, gemstones are weighed in terms of a carat. The density and specific gravity of the stone highly alter its carat value. Interestingly, two gemstones that may appear identical might not have the same carat value. The carat weight of the stone is calculated differently. Therefore, it is best advised to enquire about the carat valuation before making the purchase. 
  • Cut – One of the major advantages of buying gemstones is that they can be cut in different ways to enhance their brilliance and colour shades. There are a variety of shapes available that you can choose from such as pear, emerald, marquise, etc. So, you can purchase a custom made ring in Brisbane with a stone that you really love. 
  • Clarity – Since gemstones are naturally occurring crystals, they come with impurities known as inclusions. Although the ones with minute impurities are highly-priced, it does not wave the quality and elegance of others with inclusions. Each gemstone has a distinct formation which is judged by gemmologists who determine the prices. Since our naked eyes cannot really spot these impurities, your main focus should be on the shine and colour of the stones. 

Bottom Line 

Buying gems stone rings can be tricky owing to the huge variety of available options and the high number of fraud dealers in the market. However, there’s nothing much to worry about if you know the basic characteristics and the standard basis to evaluate these stones. No matter whether you are visiting an offline or online jewelry store, considering the above factors can help you in making a worthy purchase. 

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