There’s no denying that having a vivacious garden acts as an appealing feature when you are aiming to upscale the value of your property. No matter if you opt to sell your home or simply upgrade to increase its general value, making a few garden adjustments can allure many people. If you aim to secure a sale of your property, surely the most lucrative and effective way to capture the attention of picky buyers is to create a garden space that will wow them all. As the garden is the first thing most people will take a glance at when they step into your property, here are some amazing improvements that you can easily implement to boost the value of the entire property.

How much value does a garden add to a property?

The first thing to get the gist of is figuring out the exact value garden improvement adds to a property. Unlike repurposing indoor amenities, such as inserting quality hardwood flooring, adding fancy furniture, or buying new and quality home appliance parts that can increase the value of your home, with a garden it’s a little bit different. You cannot merely place an item, but you need to perform some heavy-duty work to increase its appeal. However, according to some statistics, a garden can add up to 20% of the value of a property, give or take. In urban areas, where outdoor space is scarce, the value is even greater. What’s more, potential buyers won’t even consider purchasing a property unless there’s garden space. Hence, depending on the size and added features garden can significantly add value to a property.

Commence by upgrading the curb appeal

The first glance your home, and garden must be visually attractive and appealing. When a potential buyer approaches your property, they should differentiate it from others. The visible improvements made in the front yard and garden are what add that amazing visual impact. To make your property more inviting, pave out a new walkway in cobbled stone or marble tiles. To get an awesome first impression, trim the shrubs and edges that are around the front yard, insert paving stone treatment around the bordering areas, and don’t forget to hang a welcoming sign on the front door. The attractiveness of your front area and garden is what will maximize the overall value of the property in a blink of an eye.

Add a functional outdoor kitchen

The Garden is more than a plain green area. It’s the place where the family gathers on a warm, sunny day, it’s the place where you greet guests and entertain, it’s a person’s serene corner. One of the best ways to boost the value of your property is to add an outdoor kitchen and make the space functional and sophisticated. First, shelter it from rain and hail by installing an exquisite pergola or lovely roof, add a ceiling fan for additional comfort in hot weather, place a cutting-edge grill and make sure there are essential kitchen amenities such as the sink. Also, make it cozy and welcoming by adding elegant garden furniture, a large bench, a big-enough table, and other attractive things that will revive the look of the garden.

Revive the outdoor entertaining space

This generally means creating a sprucing and social area in your garden where you can meet friends and enjoy. Most buyers love to see practical zones in the garden where you can relax, dine, or play. If buyers are fond of entertaining and welcoming guests, you can transform the garden area, no matter the size and shape, into a vivacious one that will enable them to entertain in any season. For example, place a fancy wine fridge, clear out the patio or decking area for barbecuing, place a shade sail, and don’t forget to include amazing outdoor lightings such as warm string lights or lanterns. These defined entertaining adjustments in the garden can quickly upscale the value of your home and give you a return on investment.

Make a structured privacy area

Nobody would buy a property if the neighbors are directly overlooking their garden. What’s more, if there is no adequate shelter and secured privacy area in the garden, the potential buyers may not consider the home as a perfect catch. The easiest way to seal the gateway with your neighbor is to cleverly place plants around the edges or fences. Another effective screening includes planting grandiose planters or simply placing a structured garden roof or pergola over a patio to add privacy.

Revamp the garden by adding a fancy firepit

A firepit can be a bombastic feature of your garden, especially if you are aiming to have it sold. Imagine a buyer entering your garden area and seeing a beautifully installed firepit, he would surely drop his jaws. Installing a firepit can be a costly endeavor, depending on the style and model, but the investment will undoubtedly pay off. Placing a fire pit in the patio area or as a focal garden point will mesmerize any person entering your garden area. The best thing about the modern firepit is that they don’t have to be a permanent structure, nowadays you can place a portable firepit and move it wherever you wish. This will serve as a gorgeous addition to your home garden design because it both adds lovely light and creates a warm ambiance. Not to mention that you can always roast marshmallows.

Going for an outdoor swimming pool

One rather costly but utterly payable garden improvement is adding an outdoor swimming pool. Besides the fact that it maximally boosts home value, you can stay clear-minded that you would surely sell the house fast. With the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic, most people got used to staying at home and spending their leisure time with their loved ones rather than going to a crowded resort. Therefore, this has significantly increased the demand for outdoor swimming. If the space allows it, you can find professionals to install the swimming pool according to the garden’s layout. Adding this amazing feature would be a great bonus, especially if your property is competing with other homes on the market.

Focus on top-notch maintenance

A thing that can put many buyers off is a huge garden that requires plenty of maintenance. If the garden is beautiful by itself, but there’s a lot of maintenance, you need to repurpose the area so it looks the opposite. A buyer must envision a space that’s not complicated to landscape or maintain. You don’t need to add a plethora of manicured bushes, tall lush trees, and an abundance of multicoloured exotic flowers for someone to choose the property, on the contrary, a freshly mown lawn and the empty place are what will attract buyers more. When you are about to prepare your garden for viewings, think about trimming the bushes, cutting the grass, and plucking the weeds, but don’t plant any additional flowers and a luscious planter. Make sure everything is clean, tidy, and well-maintained, and remove anything that’s not soothing or distracting.

Add plenty of storage and solid security

Buyers who have small children or pets would want to see a garden that is safe and good-looking. The crucial step when improving your garden is to add security features such as safety fences or garden gates. What’s more, you can never be assured whether a new owner would like to safe-keep some vital belongings or expensive items such as bikes or gardening equipment, so it would be a perfect feature to add locks. Boost the security of your garden shed or garage by placing better, improved locks and maybe blacked-out windows to put off any potential thieves. If you have more money to spare, you can add security lighting or motion sensors for additional protection. These seemingly small items can add a specific value to your property as you ensure that the garden is well-monitored and secured from any mishaps. 

Make additional living space by building a garden room

If you have more garden space to play with, you can significantly boost the value of your property by adding a multi-purpose garden room. Garden rooms are suited for all purposes, and potential buyers will adore the fact of having an additional space that they can use however they wish. The garden room increases privacy, it’s cost-effective, boosts property value by 15%, and above all, it can be used for anything. Homeowners can use it as an office space, as a home gym, as a place to put hard-maintaining plants and planters, or merely as additional living space.

Plant exquisite plants

Vivid plants create a picturesque vibe that can attract even the most hard-to-get buyers. Avoid planting bulky planters that generate too much shade, or seasonal flowers that need regular watering and maintenance. Aim to plant lovely tulips, lavender, or marigolds that are easy to grow and maintain. Colourful flowers are always a good idea, especially if you want to make your garden stand out. Only do your best to look after pests and to water the plants according to their designated manner.

From the many other property features that you can revive before you enlist your house, investing in garden improvement will undoubtedly help you get the price you are aiming at. Hence, implement some of the above-mentioned tips to boost the value of your property and expect eligible results.

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