Everyone has been using and creating on-demand applications today. The reason is simple, they are easy to use and serve your needs immediately and everyone uses smartphones these days. However, an app like BigBasket has more advantages. They help customers save their time by not standing in a long queue in the supermarket. Bigbasket clone app development. Just like you can order foods online, with an app like BigBasket, you can order groceries from the comfort of your home as well. You can purchase any household products from the app and they will be delivered to your doorstep. Bonus point: they come with different payment methods to choose from. But BigBasket is not the only app of its kind.

In fact, you can create your own Big Basket App Source Code and generate more active income. In this post, we are showing you 10 ways to do so.

1: User-Friendly Categories

In Bigbasket, there are various types of grocery items which might not be easy to find if the products were not listed in categories. But if you categorize every item on your on-demand Bigbasket app, it will help the users to navigate between the products and will also make your Bigbasket App Source Code script look clean and attractive. For example, create a category for snacks and put cakes, cookies, chips, etc. in that category. This way, you can create a positive customer experience and generate more leads.

2: Add a Cart Feature

Does not matter if you are building an on-demand app script or not, if it is an e-commerce store, then you must add the cart feature to your app. Having a cart option in your Bigbasket Clone Script will help your customers purchase groceries or any items in bulk. Moreover, they can also save the items for purchase at another time. While creating the cart feature in your clone script, make sure to show the number of items added to the cart. So if the customer wants, he or she can remove items from it just as easily.

3: In-App Payment Features for Secure Payments

Since you are building an on-demand app for providing your customers with immediate services, you must include an in-app payment feature. This will create credibility and secure the payment while making an online transaction. Apart from the in-app payment method, you should also include other payment options like Paytm/Gpay/Phonepe/card payments/cash on delivery, etc. Having multiple payment gateways will boost your business conversions because it gives the customers more chances of secure transactions.

4: Discounts and Offers

Providing discounts and special offers from time to time will boost your leads and also keep your customers happy. However, while you are doing so, make sure to inform the users about all the discounts and offers you are providing by email or push notifications. There should also be a discount and offer section on your app to inform your customers about the special discounts before they are gone. With the Big Basket Clone Script, you can easily add this feature to your app and generate more revenues.

5: Reviews and Ratings

Allow the customers to review and rate your delivery process and the services and products you are offering. This will help other potential customers in finding out the things you offer and the quality of your services without much hassle. After reading positive reviews from other customers, your potential clients can decide whether to purchase the products or not. It always has a positive user impact on the e-commerce system.

6: Allow the Customers to Track Their Orders

Allow the buyers to track the status of their orders from their online tracking screen. They will be able to see when the seller packs and ships the item, and when it will be delivered to their doorstep. This will eliminate any confusion that the customers will have regarding the purchases and will also help you boost transparency and user satisfaction in the long run.

7: Wishlist Feature

Not every customer is going to purchase the product of their choice right after viewing it. And for that, add the wishlist feature to your Bigbasket app source code. They can wishlist their preferred products for buying them later whenever they can. Not this will boost the user satisfaction but will also make you a credible business in the industry.

8: Create Product Descriptions

Even though you are selling groceries on your Big Basket Clone Script, you should take some time to list the descriptions of the product underneath. Customers will consider the condition and ingredients included in the listed products before making a purchase. If every product on your app comes with a detailed description, it will boost your credibility to the customers.

9: Membership Option

Convince your customers to opt for your Bigbasket membership by offering them extra discounts and special offers. If you promise them fast delivery and lots of other benefits, they will subscribe to your membership and will boost your lead in return.

10: Provide Quality Customer Service

Every e-commerce store must have a quality customer service team to cater to the needs of the customer. And since you are selling high-quality products and groceries on your online store, this option is a must. If the customers face a problem, they will report that to the customer support team and offer them a refund or any other kind of compensation to boost customer satisfaction.

Final Words

Following these simple 10 ways will help you create more leads to your Bigbasket app source code. But make sure to add other important features on your Big Basket Clone Script too to make it stand out from the competition. A high-quality on-demand grocery app development team can help you make your dream Bigbasket clone app for your business.

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