Filmmaking is the art of telling stories, feelings, and thoughts through audio and visual mediums, leaving a profound impact on the viewers. It is a liberating and creative field comprising various aspects, such as direction, storytelling, cinematography, screenplay, production, and post-production, as part of creating a full-length film. Filmmaking is one of the most exciting and lucrative career alternatives for individuals with a creative bent of mind. However, having an artistic mind might not be enough to enter filmmaking. The filmmaking industry has recently undergone a drastic change, especially with the introduction of new technology that requires professionals to have sound knowledge of the latest developments in the field. 

The well-designed film and television production program offer students a truly unique learning experience by allowing them to gain hands-on experience on various projects, such as short films, commercials, television broadcasts, web series, and much more. Besides working on multiple projects, students also get the opportunity to use different types of equipment, including professional cameras from HD to 4K, television broadcast consoles, lighting setups, sound recording equipment, and the latest post-production and editing software. 

The 12-month film and television production program offered at a renowned Canadian institution is one of the best formal courses to take to carve a lucrative career in filmmaking. This program is delivered in English, which allows students from across the world to experience the well-designed curriculum and a chance to learn from seasoned faculty. The course materials are also constantly updated to keep the graduates at the cutting edge of the fast-growing and dynamic industry. 

The film and television production course is considered the best because of its holistic curriculum that equips the students with all aspects of filmmaking. The film and television production program is carefully divided into three-term coursework progressively building the knowledge of the concepts and theories in filmmaking. Here are the modules covered under each term.

Term One 

  • Camera and Lighting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Scene Recreation
  • Sound Recording and Mixing

Term Two

  • Video Editing
  • Cinematography
  • Directing and Film Production
  • Television Control

Term Three

  • Film and Television Industry
  • Post-Production for Films
  • Web Series Production
  • Semiology

Undergoing the wholesome coursework, students will develop the following skills and competencies, which are instrumental in building a career in filmmaking.

  • Efficiency in operating various types of equipment, such as lighting, camera, and audio
  • Collaborating in pre-production and post-production activities
  • Sound understanding of film semiotics, such as the role of editing, framing, and sound forms of communication
  • Performing sound editing for videos and films
  • Handling television broadcast activities
  • Professionally shooting for videos and films 
  • Proficiency in carrying out post-production activities, such as color correction, video editing, film title design, etc
  • Efficiency in navigating the film and television industry

These are some of the most prominent skills and competencies gained from film and television production. Undergoing the course prepares you for not only a career in filmmaking but also some roles, such as:

  • Casting director
  • Gaffer
  • Production Manager or Coordinator
  • Film or television production
  • Director
  • Director of Photography (Cinematography)
  • Screenwriter
  • Production Assistant

Opting for a career in filmmaking can come with multiple advantages, as it offers a variety of career paths and tremendous growth opportunities. Now that you know, the film and television program is one of the best courses to take to build a career in filmmaking. To learn more about the film and television production program, log on to our website!

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