If like many, the kitchen is the focal point of your home too, it’s time to remodel it for a brand new aesthetic. The thought of remodeling the kitchen can be daunting, but there are several good reasons to do it. The choice of the right furnishings with unique features makes it all worth it. In addition, when we remodel a kitchen, it doesn’t have to be hefty and expensive. And the best way to remodel your kitchen without disturbing the whole setting is to change the kitchen cabinets.

When we enter the kitchen, one thing that stands out the most is the kitchen cabinets. Hence, you want to make sure that the cabinets are attractive and equally functional for you and your family. While there is no shortage of kitchen cabinets available online, the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets in Eagan, MN and kitchen cabinets in Iowa is the perfect way to upgrade the kitchen space without breaking the bank!

Let’s explore some benefits of RTA ready to assemble cabinets in Eagan, MN:

RTA Cabinets Are Affordable

The most dramatic difference that you can see between the custom and RTA cabinets in Eagan, MN is the price tag. Sure, the custom kitchen cabinets might look amazing, but they can eat up more than 40% of your budget. On the other hand, custom RTA cabinets in Eagan, MN offer almost the same look and feel at a much more affordable price.

Since custom cabinetry is built based on individual requirements, they take more time to manufacture, and it reflects in the cost, whereas, the RTA cabinets come in pre-assembled or self-assembly options, reducing the final cost.

RTA Cabinets Have Shorter Lead Times

Unlike custom kitchen cabinets that take weeks to deliver, depending on the size and design, the RTA cabinets have shorter lead times. When you buy quality RTA ready to assemble cabinets in Eagan, MN, you will receive them in a decent timeframe and can go on with the kitchen makeover.

Also, the RTA cabinets arrive in a flat box because they aren’t assembled yet, whereas, the custom cabinets are pre-assembled and arrive in huge shipments that can be enormously expensive and difficult to move or store.

RTA Cabinets Have a Wide Variety

RTA cabinets are nothing like pre-made, stock cabinets. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, RTA cabinets don’t let you sacrifice your unique style. Whether you prefer a modern, contemporary setting or a traditional one, there is hardwood replicating RTA cabinets available for every budget.

Although you cannot customize RTA cabinets as much as you can do in custom cabinetry, you will always get more flexible kitchen cabinetry option.

RTA Cabinets Have Top-Quality Materials

High price never justifies high quality. As we have already discussed, the cost of custom cabinetry depends on the style, dimensions, and colors you choose, but one thing that you can’t rely on even after paying thousands of dollars is the quality. In other words, pre-made cabinets don’t have the same shelf-life as RTA ready to assemble cabinets in Eagan, MN

With RTA cabinets, you have all the freedom to choose hardwood framing, doors, drawer fronts, and any material you’d like to get a high-quality product.

RTA Cabinets Are Easy to Install

For most homeowners, the assembly and installation of the custom RTA kitchen cabinets in Eagan, MN is a matter of concern. But, if you have even a bit of DIY experience, it is an easy task. Most of the RTA cabinets comes with a step-by-step installation guide. And there is no need of fancy or high-tech tools; all you need is a hammer, screw driver, nails, and some wood glue, and you are good to go.

However, if you beg to differ, you can always hire a professional for the cabinet installation. A construction crew will complete your project promptly.

Choose FGT Cabinetry for your RTA Cabinets

After this article, you must be convinced by the fact that there are multiple benefits of RTA cabinets other than affordability. You can have everything, a bespoken kitchen, customized cabinets, easy installation, and an exclusive design. But where do you get this without having any quality or affordability concerns? Here at FGT Cabinetry.

Whether you would like to order vanity cabinets in Wisconsin, Order kitchen cabinets in Minnesota, wholesale vanity cabinets in Eagan, MN, or order vanity cabinets in North Dakota, FGT Cabinetry, a custom cabinet supplier in Eagan, MN will save you time and money. FGT Cabinetry will ship the custom ready to assemble kitchen cabinets to your doorstep in a few days.

So, to get started with your kitchen remodeling process, browse our selection of RTA kitchen cabinetry and order today!

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