One of the biggest challenges for adults is how to create a healthy and safe environment for their children, especially at their homes. Having an outdoor area is a blessing which was proven to be true on many occasions during the pandemic lockdown. Yet, it’s not enough just to have space outside, you need to make it attractive for kids to want to spend time there. This is where the following ideas for a kid-friendly backyard play area enter the scene to save the day!  

Give them a modern version of your childhood sandbox

Chances are that your sandbox was just that — sand in the box when you were a kid. So, give your kids an updated version that will put the one from your childhood to shame. Dig a shallow hole and place a tarp over it to cover it completely. Now, pour enough sand over it to fill in the hole and surround it with rocks or wooden boards to give it a more polished look.

Backyard Play Area ideas

The modern version includes an awning above the sandbox with shutters you can open and close, depending on the weather. Use wooden boards to build simple benches at each corner for sitting or keeping things away from the sand. Solar string lights hanging from above will give just enough lighting when the sun starts to set for your kids to pack their toys and finish for the day.   

Build a child-friendly swimming pool

Having a swimming pool is great for kids because it’s fun and good for their health. It can help maintain weight, improve posture, and keep muscles in shape, as well as be an excellent playground. You can add a slider, hot tub, or waterfall to make it more interesting and entertaining. 

However, ask swimming pool builders about the best way to create a safe environment for kids to play.  Additionally, consider installing a non-climbable fence around to prevent your children and animals from entering that area when you are not around. If your budget allows it, you can build a smaller and shallow pool for kids which they can use when the big one is out of limits.     

Install a climbing chalkboard

Kids love to draw and can get quite messy about it. Also, they can at times be full of energy and climb on furniture, trees, and anything else if it’s high enough. This makes it harder to keep an eye on them since they can scatter all over the house or your backyard. But if you combine these two favorite fun activities into one, you can have your kids in one place.

The good news is that you don’t need a handyman to mount a chalkboard on the fence or façade if you know your way around DIY projects. Use a drill to screw the climbing holds on the chalkboard and place fall protection mattresses underneath to cushion the falls.  

Hang a pair of swings

Swings are ideal to create a kid-friendly backyard play area, especially since they don’t require a lot of room. You can buy different types of swings at the store or use a car tire for a DIY one. The only question is where to hang the swings so they are stable and safe for your kids.

If you have a tree in the yard, inspect its health and strength of branches to see whether it can withstand weight greater than your children. In case you don’t have a viable tree, you can weld it together to create a frame to hang the swings from, resembling the ones in the public playgrounds. 

Create an outdoor cinema

Entertaining your kids and their friends on play dates can be overwhelming, so finding a way to keep them in line is important. One of the ways you can do that is by creating an outdoor cinema. You can do this in the simplest way possible by installing a roofed pergola and placing a TV and seating set underneath.  

Alternatively, you can stretch a white canvas on a frame you made from wooden sticks and hang it on the façade, between trees, or on the fence. Hanging it on the porch underneath an awning is even better because of the shade. This is easy-to-create fun for birthday parties, especially if you make popcorn and S’mores.  

The bottom line

These ideas for a kid-friendly backyard play area can be fun for both you and your children. Spending quality time with your family outdoors is a wonderful way to bond and create loving memories. Nonetheless, even if you can’t do it every day, you will know that your kids are safe, entertained, and happy playing outside.  

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