In the spring of 2002, OSCELOT overtook the established Blackboard Open Source group with the ultimate goal of facilitating the exchange of data and assets among people inspired by the turn of events and the use of Blackboard Building Blocks programs.

It immediately became clear that these people were sharing more with each other for all intents and purposes than using a single item. Every day, they cut down responses to questions from a whole group of e-learning people.

There was a strong desire to expand the gathering to include all those interested in innovation and improved learning, with little regard for the stage being used. In this sense, OCELOT was introduced to the world as an open source community for educational objects and learning tools. It was formally merged as a non-profit association in October 2007.

What does Oscelot do?

OSCELOT brings together foundations, developers and allies working on inventive open source answers to the challenges facing the e-learning community. This is achieved in three ways:


Projects are learning devices that are used by at least one OSCE staff member and usually enhance or enhance the learning management system (LMS). Each task has its own place on the Oscelot project site and is open source, which ensures support and cooperation at the local level.

Some adult subjects are being introduced in schools around the world. Others are just getting started. Many companies are currently aiming to use the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability standard and will work with Blackboard Learn, Moodle, or Instructure Canvas (or sometimes more than one) to provide added value.


Perhaps the best way the OSCELOT can act is to build a relationship between those who have problems and those who have thoughts on how best to solve these problems.

We have two main lines of communication to continue: our Google OSCELOT group, which provides an overview for designers to collaborate along with subgroups for Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and various classes; and our Slack channel OSSELOT is a great device to grow your Google Groups mailing list.


OSELOT is a voluntary non-profit association. There are no costs to download or add to commitments.

The most effective way to help the association is to share your experience with the task. Whether it’s cutting down on coding, cutting down on documentation, or helping resolve authority issues, projects require a commitment period to be effective. Every business will have more data on how best to contribute to their sites.

Coordinated Efforts

The achievement of OSCELOT is a direct consequence of the commitment of the views, abilities, energy and enthusiasm of the people in the region at every stage of the life cycle of a task.

The collaborative effort is fueled by the Internet and direct data connections and the Internet Archive to promote and document community driven programming.

senior management staff


The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall organization and accountability of the Association and officers for the fulfillment of daily business obligations to the Advisory Groups:

Empowering leaders and overseeing business and OSCELOT matters as ordered and projected with the mission. This includes the structure of the company’s resources (stock measurements, licensed innovations, trademarks and accessories).

Give the initiative to the general association.

How to become a sponsor in Ocelot?

OCELOT provides a method for the local school space to collaborate and communicate open source programming projects in a deeply tangible framework.

OCELOT projects are represented by a community improvement process based on agreement and a desire to create first-class programs that offer inventive mechanisms in instructive innovations.


Join an existing project or create a new one. To be effective, projects need the help of volunteers in various activities, including improvement, testing, documentation, etc. Find out about OSCELOT projects here.

Our local engineers zone supports each other with our Google OSSELOT group, just as our Slack channel and GitHub give you the ability to download and use existing activities by teaming up on new drives.

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Anil is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable person who is a Technology evangelist. He's always been fascinated at work especially at innovation that causes benefit to the students, working professionals or the companies. Being unique and thinking Innovative is what he loves the most, supporting his thoughts he will be ahead for any change valuing social responsibility with a reprising innovation. His interest in various fields and the urge to explore, led him to find places to put himself to work and design things than just learning.

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