Sometimes buying shoes online can become a pain in your mind. You feel like it the most when you’re expecting the ideal shoes for your foot but you end up getting the worst, trying to jam your foot into an ill-fitting pair of heels or shoes. People are rushing towards the internet for ordering their footwear, however, it’s hard to get the ideal shoe. Do you also want to know how to buy the ideal shoe for yourself? We have compiled a list of ten secret tips to buy shoes online, which are mentioned below.

1. Know Your Foot Measurements

It’s no secret that shoe sizes vary on the online websites between manufacturers and obviously, you can’t try on the shoe yourself to check its size. Every shoe manufacturer has a different way of sizing shoes. So, It’s best to know the measurements of your feet to buy the right pair of shoes. Measure the length and width of each foot from the longest point and note down the information. Many online shoe stores have sizing charts that can be used to order your feet size shoes. 

2. Have An Idea of What You’re Looking For

Before exploring the internet for buying online shoes, you should have an idea of what type of shoes you’re looking for. Certain styles and types of shoes in the market vary from season to season. You may be looking for a specific brand of shoes like Nike, or you’re simply looking for barefoot shoes if you’re a runner. There are a lot of options in the market so you should have an idea of what type of shoes you’re looking for. It can narrow down your search and reduce the chances of ordering something else that you might regret later. 

3. Check Out Reviews

It’s a wise decision to read the store’s review from where you are buying shoes. Reading customer reviews gives you an assumption of the quality of the shoes. Check the reviews to see if other customers’ experience was good with the store or not. 

4. Ensure the Store Has Refund Policy

Even after all the research and hard work you put in to buy shoes online, you usually receive a pair of shoes that don’t fit or look as attractive they were looking in the pictures. There’s also a chance of getting defective shoes, to counter all of these cases, you should check out whether the store is offering a good refund or exchange policy. Search for the store that gives three weeks refunds or exchange policy, and the store which gives longer is better. 

5. Shop On Stores that allow to zoom images

You should always buy from stores that provide clear images of the shoe from multiple angles and also allow you to zoom the image to get a better idea of the color, quality, finishing, and texture of the material utilized.  

6. Total Cost

A big reason for shopping online is to get the best discount codes and deals. But, sometimes deals are not always what they look like. Some stores charge low up-front charges but force you to pay extra on shipping fees. Although some stores offer no shipping fees, their shipping arrives weeks late which can exhaust any customer. Always pay attention to the shoe’s cost, shipping fees, and estimated shipping time so you know when you’re getting your product. 

7. Shop With Reliable Stores

Buy shoes online from a store or manufacturer that has a reliable reputation in the market. The most common issue people face while online shopping is that they don’t receive what they paid for. So, always look for the store’s reputation and their customer reviews of the products.

8. Buy A Cheap Pair

If you’re ordering from a particular store for the first time, it’s better to start with a test or cheap order to examine their credibility. Once, you are satisfied with the store then you can shop more. 

9. Secure Payment Options

Never buy from a store that doesn’t offer a secure payment gateway. A reliable store always offers secure payment options like a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Call the store to further learn about their options. 

10. Proper Product Specification

Ensure that you read all the details of the shoe material, texture, color, etc. A reliable store will provide proper product specifications below the images of the shoes. The specifications can help you to buy shoes online but make sure to call customer care before ordering. 

Buying Shoes Online That Are Ideal Fit

It’s a common trend to buy shoes online among the young generation, but the tricky method is to choose the ideal fit because anyone can place their shoes on the website and claim that they are selling the best product. But, the ten secret tips mentioned above will help you buy shoes online. Before you know it, you’ll have a box of new shoes arrive at your door. 

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