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Article rules for guest posts:

Length and type of connections:

  • The length of the article must be greater than 800 words.
  • In the article, do not write more than 50 words in each paragraph and make sure that the sentence does not exceed 20 words.
  • We only allow 2 links in the article. Links must not be spam (or irrelevant).
  • By default, all links are “dofollow”. If, in accordance with our instructions, we determine that the link is inappropriate, we will change that link to “nofollow” without notice.

Article quality:

  • The article must be unique.
  • Do not use rotary tools to write the article.
  • Use the titles correctly.
  • The article does not have to be an advertisement, a commercial (or) advertising advertisement.
  • Check for grammatical errors before submitting the article.
  • If changes are required, please modify the article so that it is in an appropriate format.
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Photos and videos:

  • When sending the article, the image must be attached with a fixed size.
  • If you use other people’s pictures or videos, you must give them credit.

Article format:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • keyword
  • Content with correct titles

To submit an article as a guest author:

Before submitting the article, make sure you follow the rules above.

Submit your article as a Word or Google document email ID techinfobeez@gmail.com.

Topics for guest posts

We do not accept:

  • First, the article in the guest post should address one of the above topics. We do not allow topics that are irrelevant to our site.
  • We do not accept copyrighted content. Please check the plagiarism again before sending us the article.
  • Also, do not post the article published elsewhere on your own blog.

How to send your guest Post

To send a review, email us your article at techinfobeez@gmail.com

Our team will review the final draft and contact you with any other revisions. If approved by our team, we will schedule your post for publication.

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Technology is open to suggestions, ideas or questions. Do not hesitate to send us an email to techinfobeez@gmail.com or through contact us form if you encounter difficulties. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.