Men’s fashion is conservative. This is especially true for costumes. Nevertheless, many fashion designers from time to time decide on bold experiments. Men’s smart casual style is an opportunity in the same outfit to attend both business lunch and an evening entertainment event. 

In the modern world, smart casual and business are some kind of antipodes, although they have the same base. However, smart casual outfits aren’t about removing or adding accessories for completing your overall look. It’s about balance and comfort. Having the right choice of clothing is an imperative factor to enhance the overall look. But if a single detail goes wrong, you’ll lose the balance that allows the outfit to work properly. 

Wearing smart casual suits from custom suit shops leaves a lot of room in terms of comfort. In fact, with the right guidance and a little styling sense, everyone can successfully create a smart-casual look. 

We invite you to find out which fashionable men’s suits in 202 will help you stand out among the crowd.

An Overall Guide to Men’s Smart Casual 2022

Once in a clothing or tailor store, most men will prefer the practical thing and the more fashionable clothing. And smart casual suits will help in obtaining another fashionable look. Consider the below-mentioned things for a basic smart-casual with which you can create outfits for every day by collecting multiple suits in different colours.

Choice of Colours

Are you tired of black, white and brown colours? Fashion designers offer real fireworks of colours. Feel free to wear mustard, yellow, purple and carmine fashion suits 2021. Snow white models are also in trend. They’re impractical, but they’ll definitely draw attention to your person. The most recent trend is the combination of three shades of the same colour scheme in one suit. In this case, the vest, trousers and jacket must be made of the same fabric.

Prints on Suits

Prints on suits are a way to get a touch of freshness to even the most austere office look. As always, the strip is relevant. Fashion suits for 2021 are sewn from fabrics with vertical contrasting stripes. For less demanding looks, checkered or geometric and abstract designs are recommended.

Are you prone to daring experiments? 

Pay attention to suits made of fabrics with newspaper prints, as well as with the image of logos of famous brands. And the strict black suit with a print in the form of bouquets looks very bold and extraordinary.

Suit Fitting

Fashionable men’s suits 2021 have a very different cut. Do you prefer single-breasted options? They’re as relevant as ever. The only thing to remember is that the wide lapels are hopelessly outdated.

Along with classic suits, designers offer options without lapels with a stand-up collar and a large number of buttons that resemble camisoles. 

So, what about double-breasted suit models? Such trendy men’s suits 2021 are a great choice for formal meetings. A wide range of options is offered. Along with the classic 4-button models, designers offer 6-button options. You can make the look informal by using buttons in a contrasting colour. For example, a dark blue double-breasted suit with white buttons looks elegant. It can be worn with a plain white men’s 2021 T-shirt and with the sleeves tucked up. The made to measure suits in Sydney has become the choice of most men.


The theme of costumes made from unconventional fabrics is continued by models from flax in bright colours. Youth men’s suits made of this material are distinguished by some carelessness of cut. A special chic is to wear linen suits slightly rumpled. Some fashion stores offer different jackets with trousers and jackets in different colours. They’re united into one set by the edging on the lapels of the same colour as the trousers.


Smart casual men prefer brogues, derby or loafers, moccasins, or other types of classic shoes with a certain degree of uniqueness rather than ordinary shoes with laces. They’re distinguished by the softness of the shape or decorative stitching along with the nose and the entire length of the shoes. Thus, it’s better to choose suede shoes.  An interesting option for a smart casual man is monk shoes. You’ll have to pick up tapered trousers or tuck the leg so that it doesn’t cling to the hook.

Wrapping Up!

Men love the comfort of their clothes. And smart casual is an indispensable leader in the ratings among fashionable styles for this indicator. Smart is uniqueness, minimalism, absolute convenience and versatility. And most importantly – it suits anyone.

We’ve already listed those things that can form the basis of a smart casual men’s wardrobe. The men’s suit alterations are available at a cost-effective price. The tailors alter the suits according to measurements so they perfectly flatter the body. Sometimes, purchasing ready-made suits ends up with high costs.

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