It shouldn’t be that difficult to get jeans online that truly fit. It’s 2021, after all. Why, when manufacturers aren’t even doing it themselves, are women STILL expected to contort their bodies to conform to standard size structures? Why do they still have to cope with the annoying sizing inconsistencies? Why does the fashion industry still downplay the true complexity of women’s bodies? In this article, we have listed some of the most useful tips that can help you in buying jeans from your favourite brand. 

7 Tips for Buying Jeans You Should Know

  1. Take a waist and hip measurement

Locate your waist first at the top of your hip bone. Then, wrap the tape measure around, maintaining its level with your belly button the entire time. Make careful to breathe properly — don’t hold it! You’ll get the most accurate waist measurement with this. Getting accurate measurements will help you in buying jeans. 

Your hips follow a similar general procedure, although at a somewhat lower level. Your torso’s biggest area is here. The tape measure should barely touch the top of your butt in the back and should fall just where your zipper is in the front.

  1. Refer to the brand’s online size chart 

Most brands do indeed offer it. Yes, the majority of the time, we gloss over it. But it’s crucial for buying jeans that give a stunning look to your personality. Charts for unlined and plus-size bottoms are also available. Since every brand has different sizing charts based on their regions and items, it’s best to check your measurements with the brand’s sizing charts. 

  1. Check the model’s size and height to see what they are! 

Most people on social media platforms are highly influenced by their favourite celebrities, influencers, etc. You can find the dress great on them and may think about it giving it a try. However, you need to check the model’s size, height, and dress to conclude that it can also look great on you. Doing so gives you a visual reference point when estimating your size and how the jeans will fit. Stores like Sunspel discount codes also offer deals and discounts on their collections.

  1. Pay attention to the fabric

Each woman has a different idea of how she wants her clothes to fit her body, and the fabric is a huge factor in that. Since 100% cotton tends to be more rigid, you’ll want jeans with a larger percentage of spandex or elastane if you want some stretch (between denim jeans and leggings). Usually, people search for stores that offer quality jeans, such as Benetton discount codes and many others. 

  1. Look for the jeans that best suit your stunning body shape

It can be unclear to browse the wide variety of jeans available. Given the additional lower-leg room, straight-leg jeans are an especially stylish choice for those of us with powerful, athletic thighs and calves.

Bootcut or slim-fit jeans are perfect if you want to upgrade thin jeans with a little more comfort and breathability, especially if you move around a lot. All body types can easily wear jeans; however, if you’re concerned about fitting them to your skin, consider trying a heavier fabric because it tends to be more stretchable. 

If you have strong, broad shoulders and want to provide balance to your lower half, choose boyfriend jeans with a baggier shape. If you’re small-framed and concerned about the bulky amount of cloth in a flared design, substitute a smaller flare for the dramatic one.

Additionally, choose a thinner letter A if you are one of our small-framed pals who worries about getting lost in all that cloth. Mom jeans are good if you want to give the appearance of having curves. However, as long as you feel comfortable wearing jeans that sit higher on the waist than the hips, no one will object.

  1. Appearance and fit Matters

When wearing women’s jeans, you will often have the following options to choose from:

  • Distressed is a retro design that gives the denim a worn-in appearance.
  • Jeans with a dark wash are dark-coloured.
  • When jeans have a light wash, their colour is lighter.
  • Jeans with a low rise sit close to the hips.
  1. Read the reviews at all times!

The store can tell you all they want regarding sizing up or down, but nothing beats hearing it from actual customers for buying jeans. Reviews give you a sense of credibility and trustworthiness of the item. Make sure to read reviews on third-party sites such as Trustpilot. If the store has really good ratings, which is usually above 4.5%, then you can shop with them without worrying about your item (in most cases). 

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