Mobile App Promotion

Utilising Social Media Influencers for Mobile App Promotion

With the surge in the use of Social media, influencer marketing has become a go-for marketing strategy. Influencers share their opinions and values with their audiences and grab their attention. Influencers of small scale can also provide you with the much-required attention and exposure you need. Social media Influencers are an excellent example of word of mouth and strategic partnership, which, when used right, can provide benefits. Whereas 30% of…
Digital Marketing How to

How to Create and Monetize a Platform to Find and Hire Social Media Influencers?

The trend in social media is highly volatile like the crypto market. Sometimes, a pic from an actress will go viral within a few hours, a meme related to the pic will get first place in trending, and it will go on like this. Forecasting viral content on social media is a hard part.  Despite it being for entertainment and social network relationship purposes, there is a big deal in…
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