In today’s world, it is quite a common occurrence to spot children and even adults having great difficulties in expressing themselves for unclear speech. Such situations are worth getting worried because if left untreated in the initial stages, they can create a lot of embarrassment for the children to deal with in mere future. 

It is not only seen in the younger one but also the grown-ups that makes them keep quiet for most of the time for not being able to express themselves in the best possible way. However, even after considering the above issues, most of the parents and adults take the situation lightly and overlook the issues which are grave mistakes in reality. Thus, to get over such issues, the best way one can opt for dealing with the problems is by consulting with a podiatrist regarding your child. Once after figuring out the basic root cause of the problem, you can simply ask for suggestions upon getting suitable treatments. 

Most of the medical advisors tend to drive the clients towards the segment of speech pathology. It is a unit where experts deal with speech therapy issues all the time. Here you would be astonished to notice the variations of speech issues among the masses. The funniest part is that all the cases are different from one another. If you are new to the field and do not have much idea on what the speech pathology does and in what way the process works, then you can read through the following for getting a clear idea.   

What Is Speech Pathology or Speech and Language Therapy? 

Speech pathology is a speech and language therapy. It is a treatment where doctors or specialists in this field diagnose, assess, treat, and prevents problems related to speaking such as speaking, reading, understanding, and thinking difficulties and so many other disorders. 

What Problems Can Be Cured by Speech and Language Therapy?                  

#1. Problem To Speak Fluently and Clearly: Facing difficulties with the speed, flow, and rhythm of a sentence while speaking is known as influent speaking and thus the sentences become unclear too. Children as well as adults can face this issue due to several disorders. However, speech pathology treatment can help them recover from the problem. 

#2. Unable to Express: It is a symptom where you see that expressing ideas, thoughts, or forming a proper sentence becomes hard for the person. It might be a cause of Down syndrome, hearing loss, trauma, etc. But the problem can be cured by treatment. 

#3. Resonance Disorder: To speak perfectly voice has a great role here. If you can’t generate the proper voice that is needed to express certain things it might be a result of a blockage in the nasal or oral cavity or valves, obstruction in airflow, problems in the cleft palate or swollen tonsils, etc. and, that is a clear symptom that you need to go through speech pathology treatment. 

#4. Articulation Disorder: You might have seen some person can’t form the proper sound of some specific words. Either they drop or add an extra sound to a word. Also, they can distort or swap sounds. For example, saying the sound of ‘f’ instead of the sound of ‘the’. This is when you must consider taking this treatment to get rid of this problem. 

#5. Dysarthria: The muscle of your mouth can be weak as a health issue and due to this you would not be able to maintain or balance your speaking. You may say in a very fast and slurry way or in a slow manner. This is a clear indication of having a speaking problem. 

#6. Receptive Disorder: Some people find it difficult to understand and convey others’ messages or directions. Besides, the person may also not properly follow a direction or instructions. All these are symptoms of speech problems. 

#7. Aphasia: Due to brain disorders, mainly, some people can’t understand others’ speech, or they can’t also read and write properly. However, these issues are treatable with speech and language therapy. 

#8. Cognitive-Communication Disorder: If you see that your child faces difficulty thinking or remembering something it can also be an indication. Adults too can face this problem. When someone can’t think properly other related things like speaking properly, understanding, remembering, solving problems, etc. becomes difficult. Any neurological problem or brain issues like brain stroke, brain injury, problems in brain development, etc. can be caused to these issues. 


You might understand the struggle that those persons who have speaking disorders to make themselves understandable to others. Therefore, if you know someone facing this issue, you must make them aware of this treatment.

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