Tired of struggling to find pair of shoes that can take your style game to the next level? How about stocking up on classic pairs and ones that can go with every outfit? From now on, you won’t have any problem in styling your outfit in the best way possible. We have got you six shoe styles that can go with every outfit of yours including formal or casual.

It’s not an easy task to find high quality shoes that can match all the outfits present in your wardrobe. And of course, you would never want to break your bank within no time. Shoes will remain the essential part of your wardrobe as they can either elevate or destroy your style game within no time. Therefore, work smart and get to know about those pair of shoes that can match every outfit that is the part of your wardrobe. Black loafers are also on trending these days because of how cool they look when worn. 

6 Types of Shoes that can be worn with any Attire:

  • Classic Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots being the classic wear, can effortlessly elevate every outfit from skirts to long dresses, jeans and shorts. You should add them to your wardrobe featuring different colors, and a durable material. It is not necessary to choose knee high boots with high heels only, variety of heel sizes are available that you can choose from. Do Pair the with your street wear to make a stylish statement. 

  • Ballet Flat

The shoe has long been a must-have for women. It’s been trendy for a while! This iconic shoe is perfect for the woman who wants to add a touch of comfort without sacrificing style whether wearing dresses or pants.

  • Stylish Stilettos

You know nothing about fashion if you don’t how amazingly stilettos work! Wearing them is the best way to divert people’s attention towards you. You can pair them with pencil skirts and slim pants but styling them with mini skirt is not the good option. Mostly buy black and nude stilettos as they can be worn with any outfit 

  • White Sneakers

White sneakers have never gone out of fashion. White sneakers are the ultimate casual shoe, allowing even the most professional outfit to give on a more easygoing and carefree air. It’s a basic shoe that every lady should have, and if it is estimated, I spend at least 60 percent of my time in white sneakers, so it’s very essential to have at least one pair in the wardrobe. Sneakers are great for making an outfit look more casual and comfortable. A suit can be made to look more modern by pairing it with a pair of clean white sneakers. And a dress for a date night can be turned into an outfit for brunch by wearing it with shoes.

  • Kitten Heels

If you are not a big fan of high heels, no problem at all. Kitten heels are here for you. You do not need to wear high heels anymore to make your legs probe to unwanted pain. From now on, without wasting any further time, grab best pairs of kitten heels for you to add them to your wardrobe. They not only look amazing with short and bold dresses but are also appropriate to wear with office attire.

  • Nude Pumps

These shoes are an investment worth making because they are classic and comfortable. A beautiful pair of nude pumps can spruce up any outfit. Any self-respecting woman would be foolish not to have these in her shoe collection. You may wear a dress of any color with a pair of neutral heels. 

They make your legs look noticeably longer especially when the tips of your toes are pointy. Because they go with everything from business attire to a night out on the town, you’ve definitely seen me in these nude patent pumps on many different occasions. Comfort is guaranteed in a pair nude pumps.


There are many options nowadays for people to choose from because different types of shoes exist. It’s not an easy choice to make which ones are in fashion, comfortable and worth spending on. Someone who loves to exploring new pair of shoes that would be suitable with any outfit they have then these would be the best pair of shoes for you. Shoes, especially ones that are both simple in design and color, will complement any outfit. Here, without further ado, are a few of our top picks for new footwear that will update your look and make you the envy of the place you are going in. 

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