Do you have AEM for your web content management system? Congratulations! That was a perfect choice because you are assured of several benefits. In this technical world, it is the digital presence that can make a big change in the success or failure of a business. So an AEM environment can do wonders for your business. Are you in a dilemma between outsourcing AEM consulting services and setting up your own AEM technical team? Here is an overview of the AEM consulting services you get while outsourcing. This will help you to make the right decision. 

Before analyzing the benefits of outsourcing AEM consulting, let’s have a look at a few basics of AEM. 

What is AEM? 

It is one of the most popular web content management services. AEM is one of the fastest-growing CMS used globally by many top companies. It is an end-to-end solution for building apps and websites, and for digital asset management. That is why it is sought-after globally. AEM consists of five modules, namely, Assets, Sites, Forms, Mobiles, and Communities. All these five modules will help you with a complete solution for web content management. 

What are the benefits of AEM? 

Many companies prefer AEM because of its multiple benefits. Here is a list of its most important benefits when you go for AEM development. 

1. Saves time with increased speed

Content management is not easy to handle. The workflow is complex with several steps like creating, managing, and distributing content, etc. AEM simplifies the process with its multiple tools. You will be able to handle them with a few clicks. Its intuitive tools and readymade templates enable you to deliver engaging content very quickly. So you can save valuable time. 

2. Central storage 

AEM has built-in Digital Asset Management. With this feature, you can store your content on the cloud. You can also manage your digital assets on the cloud. This is of great help because you will be able to access project files from remote locations.

3. Customization of content

The content needs and requirements of companies differ from one company to another. The competition is so high that companies are under pressure to create personalized sites. You can provide tailor-made content to suit the requirements of your client. AEM helps build customer profiles by collecting location-oriented data. Moreover, it helps to create language-specific content as it has translation tools.

4. Security and scalability 

AEM provides secure and safe solutions and assures privacy to its users. It guarantees full protection of data and data protection is the need of the hour in the competitive world. The solutions provided are not only safe and secure but also reliable. Moreover, as your company expands, you need not worry about scalability as it provides a multi-platform experience. 

5. Integration with other tools and techniques

Every business uses a wide array of marketing tools. They should all integrate with each other. This is unavoidable. AEM integrates easily with other tools because it is a part of Adobe Cloud. You can also easily integrate with third-party tools with the help of AEM. 

From the benefits listed above, it is clear that AEM is a great resource for businesses. There can be no doubt that it will be useful for your company. However, the question still remains. Is it a wise decision to outsource AEM development services? What are the benefits? Let’s dig in. 

Benefits of Outsourcing AEM Consulting

1. You can get many key services 

When you outsource AEM consulting to a good company you can get many key services. This is the first main use. What are the main services you get?

  • Bug fixing – Bugs are very common while developing apps. An AEM consulting company will help you to fix these bugs. You are saved from the big task of bug-fixing. 
  • Optimization of AEM Applications – When you develop a website you face several issues related to its performance. You should boost the performance of your website to make it more responsive and fast-loading. You need not worry about these issues when you outsource AEM consulting. 
  • Maintenance and monitoring of proactive applications – Your AEM should remain updated and upgraded. To keep it updated, AEM development services offer maintenance programs. Moreover, you need some alerts when something goes wrong. They provide you monitoring service too to make sure everything goes right. 

2. Cost-saving 

It is not easy to hire people with the right knowledge and experience to maintain and monitor AEM services. You have to spend a lot of time hiring and training them. Moreover, you have to pay a handsome salary to retain them. If not, all the costs you incurred for hiring and training them will become a waste. Moreover, you can also decrease the cost you incur for buying and maintaining hardware.  Since your AEM will be hosted offsite, your expenses will be reduced considerably. 

3. Focus on more important things

You have to face many core issues related to business activities that include manufacturing, marketing, communication, and many more. When you outsource your AEM development, you get more time to focus on these core issues. Therefore, this helps in improving the overall efficiency of the business. Your staff too can focus on their work. 

4. Minimization of risk

New problems keep on rising in content management. Your in-house may have qualified experts but they may not have the experience to solve all problems. This may increase the risk of poor performance of the website. Moreover, you may have to face problems like bug attacks and virus attacks. Outsourcing helps in minimizing all these risks. 

5. Updated technology 

You get access to recently updated technology. This is of great help in improving the efficiency of web content management and overall business. 

6. Planning for the future 

You can get recommendations and suggestions for future projects. 

7. Full-time monitoring 

Your IT department will not be able to keep an eye on your web content management for 24 hours a day. On the other hand, this is possible when you outsource


When you outsource AEM consulting to one of the best companies, you can get more return on your investment. Additionally, you have access to the latest trends and technology. You get advice on strategy too. You can look into your core business needs in peace. What more can you ask for? Hire one of the best AEM consulting services today and enjoy all the benefits. 

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