Nowadays everyone wants to stay healthy and fit and trying to do different things to fulfill this purpose. Because different people do different things so they can reach their fitness goals and needs. But sometimes, while doing exercise or any other fitness activity, they injured themselves. 

Moreover, in injuries, a person needs the most care because if they do not care about their injury then it can become worse. Also, in the worst-case scenario, they might need surgery for muscle recovery. But if they pay little attention to the injury a little earlier then they can avoid surgery and can get recover within some days. Because they just need some good physiotherapy from a professional physiotherapist.

How to find the best place for physiotherapy? 

Anyone can find a good fitness center where they can get good physiotherapy from a professional therapist. But if you are facing any difficulties while finding a good place to get physiotherapy then you can search for it. 

Suppose you are living in Portsmouth and wanted to get physiotherapy and you did not know anything about the fitness or physiotherapy centers. So you just have to search about it on google or any other search engine. Similarly, you just have to search for physiotherapy in Portsmouth or the best physiotherapist in Portsmouth. Your search engine will give you the best possible options for physiotherapy in your range. 

Also, you just have to choose the best fitness or physiotherapy center for physiotherapy. 

What is physiotherapy? 

Simply put, physiotherapy restores your muscles and their movement when muscles are going through any injury. You also can say that physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that can help anyone with muscles or joint disease and disability. 

Moreover, physiotherapists work with their patients to help them to manage their pain, balance, mobility, and motor functionality. They have different techniques and exercises that can help the patient to prevent injuries and also reduces pain. Physiotherapy also helps in the recovery of the muscles that are damaged for any reason. 

Is a physiotherapist a doctor? 

You might think of physiotherapists as a doctor but they are not a doctor. You can say they are advocates of health well being who are educated and have a lot of different techniques and exercises. 

A physiotherapist uses different techniques and exercises from a professional fitness trainer. Because they work as a healer, not as a fighter that can build lots of strength in your body. But you should have known that, if you can not maintain your strength then you can not anything.  So, the healer is a must need in the war and life is also a race or a war to be better than anyone else. 

How many types of physiotherapy are there? 

There are 5 types of physiotherapy in Portsmouth and they are also called sub-specialties of physiotherapy. Because every sub-specialty is different from other and also have different approach and technique. 

  1. Orthopedic physiotherapy
  2. Geriatric physiotherapy
  3. Neurological physiotherapy
  4. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy
  5. Pediatric physiotherapy

These are the 5 sub-specialties of physiotherapy. Let’s discuss in detail these sub-specialties. 

1. Orthopedic physiotherapy:

This sub-specialty of physiotherapy focus on the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system includes joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments. Because many sports injuries fall into this sub-specialty of physiotherapy because for sportsmen these types of injuries are normal but these injuries can be worse than you ever thought. 

Treatment methods in Orthopedic physiotherapy:

  • Stretching 
  • Strength training 
  • Endurance exercise 
  • Hot and cold packs 
  • Ultrasound 
  • Electrical muscles stimulation 
  • Joint mobilization 

2. Geriatric physiotherapy:

This sub-specialty of physiotherapy works on the special movement for older adults. So this approach uses a unique movement for the Older adults that are facing many issues such as, 

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Alzheimer’s decease 
  • Joint replacement 
  • Balance disorders 

Because this therapy is special for these kinds of diseases in older adults.

The goal of the Geriatric physiotherapy:

  • Helps in restoring mobility 
  • Reduce pain 
  • Accommodate physical limitations
  • Increase physical fitness

3. Neurological physiotherapy: 

This sub-specialty of physiotherapy works on neurological conditions and impairments. There are so many neurological conditions and impairments such as, 

  • Alzheimer’s decease 
  • Brain injury 
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stroke

Moreover, this treatment gives you the purpose to achieve the upper level of the autonomous functions. So anyone can live independently without any physical restrictions as much as possible. Because in this physiotherapy sub-specialty, the physiotherapist teaches some points to the clients so they can live their lives happily with good health. 


  • Adapt to visual 
  • Balance 
  • Mobility 
  • Muscles loss impairments   

Also, this therapy teaches these teachings so you can live your life full of daily activities.

4. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy: 

In this physiotherapy sub-specialty, physiotherapist helps those peoples who are suffering from any cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions. Also, these cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions can be very dangerous because if you do not get the treatment on time in these conditions you can die. 

  1. Cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions:
  • Heart attacks 
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 
  • Pulmonary fibrosis 

This sun-specialty of physiotherapy works to improve endurance and functional independence.

5. Pediatric physiotherapy:

This a special type of sub-specialty that focus on 

  • Infants 
  • Toddlers 
  • Children
  • Adolescents 

Well, if anything happens with the children at an early age then you have to go for a checkup and must concern with the physiotherapist. Because physical therapy is the best thing that you can give to children because it can save a child from a lot of diseases. 

Diseases that physiotherapy can prevent: 

  • Acute injury 
  • Birth defects 
  • Development delays 
  • Genetics disorders 
  • Head trauma 
  • Limb deficiencies 
  • Muscles diseases 
  • Orthopedic disabilities

These are the disease that can attack a child and can give him a disability or any other thing for the rest of his life. So you should give your children physiotherapy once in a while so they can stay fit and healthy. Because this also gives them a range of motion and flexibility. If you wanted to have the best physiotherapy in Portsmouth then you should have to give visitors the best physiotherapy center. The best physiotherapy center that is located in Portsmouth is ATX Fit.

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