It’s time to start playing with mud again but this time you’ll be deep cleansing your face instead of dirtying it. In today’s story, We’re here spilling all the tea on mud face pack, giving complete details as to how you can use it to elevate your #skincaresunday routine.

Our face takes the most beating from sun damage and pollution as it’s exposed with any covering. They affect our faces in the following ways:-

The UVA and UVB rays cause pigmentation, a condition where the skin gets dark patches due to uneven melanin outbursts under the skin.

The UVA and UVB rays loosen the skin making it wrinkly and also causing premature ageing.

Pollution blocks the skin’s pores making it unable to respire, deoxygenation then leads to inflammation and weakens the quality of the skin resulting in cracking.

History of Mud face pack

You’ll be amazed to know that the history of the mud face pack dates back as far as 51 to 30 BC Egpyt around the time of Queen Cleopatra the epitome of beauty. Historians say that Egyptians had the concept of making face packs out of clay. It’s also aid that Cleopatra used egg masks to tighten her skin and masks made out of crocodile excreta to look young. Shocked? Let us know your reactions in the comments.

Mud face pack was also used in also dates back to the time of Queen Anne of England in the 18th-century masks were made out of Indian gum and the idea was the brainchild of a lady called Madam Rowley. But the problem was there was fear of suffocation, strawberries were used as an active component to soften skin.

They were also popular during the times of the glorious Roman empire where face packs were made using honey, seeds, orris and orris roots. It also claimed that Romans initially used cosmetics for rituals but then they started using them personally as well. They made face packs from eggs, starch, fennel seeds, oregano seeds, lentils, vinegar and sulphur.

The concept of face packs was already existent in the ancient science of our culture Ayurveda. Plant-based elements like coconuts, turmeric and Aloe vera were used extensively with flowers also. Packs were created keeping in mind the different types of skin.

Packs were the go-to option for people of China back in 800 AD to treat premature ageing and dark spots. The Chinese mainly used ginger, dried tea leaves, mint leaves, rice water, mung beans and lotus roots. A fine was created using them and used for skin care. 

The trend for face packs was popularised by Korean beauty bloggers and now it’s become an integral part of the skincare routine. The face packs in form of sheet masks became popular and the trend is here to stay. 

Benefits of Face Mud Pack

  1. The face mud pack is made from natural elements and is 100% organic without any synthetics.
  2. The pack deeply cleanse the pores so that oxygen can enter those pores.
  3. The packs tighten the skin so that it looks young.
  4. The packs help the skin cells repair from redness, inflammation, and discolouration.
  5. The face is easy to apply just mix it with water and apply, leave it to dry and then wash it off. The routine is very easy to follow and can be followed on #skincaresunday

With the growing popularity of the mud face pack, we at BioAyurveda have created Magical Mud Firming Face Pack Creme, it has been created using Fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti that has been found to have properties to treat skin problems. It has been created as an ode to our ancient ayurvedic techniques for skincare. The pack also has compounds like lemongrass oil, Sandalwood oil, coconut, Flax seeds, Turmeric, saffron and Almond. The mud face pack enhances your #skincaresunday in the following ways:-

  1. The Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti deep cleanses the skin while removing impurities. It also improves skin tone.
  2. Coconut strengthens the skin’s protective mechanism.
  3. Flax seeds prevent fine lines and wrinkles as they contain lignans and antioxidants. The presence of fatty acids helps in the moisturisation of the skin.
  4. Lemongrass oil helps in detoxifying the skin while sandalwood oil retains the elasticity of the skin.

The mud face pack is free of any kinds of parabens,synthethics or chemicals. We at Bioayurveda have pledged to use organic and sustainable products for you and your loved ones. The product has also cleared all the quality checks of institutions like the FDA, FSSAI and GMP WHO.

At Bioayurveda we have created ayurvedic herbal products for you to fall in love again with nature. Your health and wellbeing via sustainability is the only drive that keeps us going and you can check our effort by looking at the range of products we have for you at Bioayurveda, That’s all we have on this story about Everything You Need To Know About Mud Face Pack  

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