Finding a lawyer is an important decision, as they will offer legal advice and represent your case before the courts. There are various factors to keep in mind when searching for one: experience, availability and reputability are just three examples.

Securities attorneys specialize in the constantly-evolving laws surrounding financial investments. They can help you recover losses caused by fraud or mismanagement by brokerage firms and stockbrokers.

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Reputation is of great significance in life and business. People, products and companies all have reputations which determine how people view them; if someone seems like a scammer for instance, you might opt not to buy from them in future.

When selecting a securities lawyer, take note of their reputation. In particular, ask for referrals from current or former clients or co-counsel as well as conducting online research – such as reading reviews of business lawyers online as well as researching awards and recognitions they may have won in practice history and honors received.

An experienced securities lawyer should also be selected. Securities law covers a broad array of issues, such as regulatory compliance, capital raising and litigation. No matter your position – investor suffering losses from unsuitable securities or stockbroker facing accusations for violating securities laws – an experienced attorney should represent them adequately. You can find one by reaching out to local bar associations or directories such as Martindale-Hubbell which compile attorneys and their specialties.


Securities lawyers assist clients with legal matters related to purchasing or selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Their duties may include informing investors of potential risks; helping them understand the terms of their brokerage agreements; investigating allegations of broker misconduct or fraud and more.

Investment losses can be devastating, so finding a qualified securities lawyer who can help recover any money lost is vital. They could also file suit against any brokerage firms or individual brokers responsible for your losses.

When meeting with a securities lawyer, try to locate one with extensive experience in business law and dealing with similar situations to yours. This will give you a good sense of their abilities to handle your case successfully. Furthermore, they should be available for initial consultation meetings as well as throughout the process of resolving disputes. Ideally, your ideal securities attorney should treat each case like it were their only case and be reliable enough to meet with them on an on-going basis if need be.

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Securities lawyers specialize in investment fraud and securities laws. This area of the law is subject to stringent government regulations due to insider information potentially being used to manipulate investments, potentially leading to significant financial losses for investors.

Attorneys specializing in securities litigation often bring claims against broker-dealers before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). These may involve allegations such as churning, excessive trading, unauthorised trading and brokerage theft. Such attorneys possess expert knowledge of how these arbitration proceedings work as well as possessing the experience to effectively represent clients during such hearings.

When choosing a securities lawyer, look for one who is reliable and works well with you. This could involve things such as being punctual to meetings, responsive to any questions or concerns raised, offering availability that works with your schedule and checking their reputation online or in person for additional indication of dependability.


Securities lawyers can help you recover damages if you’ve been the victim of investment fraud or their broker’s negligence, as well as file suit against them and decide between filing a class action or individual suit against their brokerage firm.

Securities law is an extremely specialized area of corporate and commercial law pertaining to capital markets. This specialty encompasses everything from how publicly-traded companies disclose information to investors to contracts for private placements or stock offerings, with securities lawyers often found working in federal agencies that enforce regulations against fraud in this industry.

Many brokers and investment advisors require that their clients sign arbitration agreements before engaging them as clients. Such agreements usually prevent an investor from filing a civil suit and instead force them to resolve their dispute through FINRA arbitration (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). A lawyer with expertise in FINRA arbitration proceedings can help the investor navigate this process more quickly than an general practitioner attorney.

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