Eyelash extensions can instantly change your entire beauty routine, giving you an enviable, effortless charm that lasts for weeks, without the need to apply false eyelashes every day. Going forward about a month later, your fluttering bangs may not look as polished as when you left the salon. In fact, if your eyelash extensions fall out, you’ll probably be left with a few stubborn perseverances.

Whether you don’t have time to have an appointment with an eyelash technician to fill it in or just want to take a break from your eyelash routine, we’re here for you. Read on for tips on removing eyelash extensions from top eyelash experts when you are ready to say goodbye to false eyelashes.

To successfully remove eyelash extensions at home, you should do pretty much anything your eyelash stylist told you to!

Do you remember the stylist who told you that you should never use an oil-based cleanser? The oils are known to break the glue used to attach eyelash extensions and therefore cause poor extension durability.

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Follow these steps to remove eyelash extensions from your home:

Step 1: wash your face

Wash your face as you normally would. Be careful not to rub your eye area as this can pull your eyelashes and cause injury. The purpose of this step is to remove any mascara or eye makeup that may have settled on the eyelash extensions.

Step 2: use Steam

Fill a large bowl of water with hot water. Lay your face on it and cover your head with a towel to keep the steam out. Let it act for a few minutes to loosen the adhesive bond from the eyelash extensions.

Step 3: heat the oil

Take a small bowl and fill it with oil. Coconut oil provides the best results for removing eyelash extensions, but vegetable oil, olive oil, and roller oil can also be used.

The next step is to gently heat the oil. Make sure that the oil is not too hot as you are dealing with the very delicate area around your eyes. Check the heat by dipping your clean, pink finger in it. A light heat is all you need to speed up the process.

Step 4: soak the pads

Next, soak a cotton pillow or two in the warm oil. When you’re done, place the greased cotton swab on one of the eyes, above the lashes. Leave it there for five to ten minutes, or as long as the cotton swab is needed to lose heat.

Carefully slide the oily swab over the upper line of the eyelashes and let the oil work on your extensions for a few minutes.

Step 5: remove the extensions

Carefully slide the same cotton swab over the lash line again. You should see some eyelash extensions fall out and stay in the cotton swab.

I cannot stress enough that if you want to avoid damaging your natural eyelashes, this process must be done extremely carefully. If the extensions don’t fall, don’t try to pull them out. They have to be removed by a professional.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Eyelash extensions are an extremely safe beauty service. At Selena’s Lash Studio, we use medical grade glue to make sure we don’t harm the health of your skin or eyes. Follow our follow-up care guide to make sure you are taking proper care of your eyelash extensions and extending their lifespan. Follow our guide to learn more about different ways to safely remove gene extensions.

Visit a lashing technician

A professional eyelash technician will know how to remove eyelash extensions as safely as possible. They know the best way to remove individual extensions and have access to all of the right products needed to get the job done. If you can, try to see the same eyelash specialist who applied your eyelashes because they know the products and techniques they used.

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Use an eyelash remover

If for some reason you can’t see a professional, a home eyelash removal product might be a suitable solution.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home. Removal products are usually very effective and easy to use, but be careful as the eyelids are very delicate. Simply apply the solution to a tip or cotton swab and hold it in place with eyelash glue for a few minutes. Be sure to do this with your eyes closed and rinse off any excess water with water before opening your eyes again.

The best option to remove

All product-based disposal options are inexpensive, but the process takes longer. The use of oil-based products can also cause skin reactions

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