Every minute, every organization produces a huge amount of data. The analysis, structure, and security of this data are optimized by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for reporting, interpretation, and other purposes. 

Most of this data contains a location component. This is where mapping plugins were introduced, which shines in mapping and data presentation. 

It enables users across verticals with geographic data visualization, optimized routing, automated scheduling, radius search, territory plotting, and other features. 

The Business data is strengthened with geo-coded insight due to its smooth interaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What is Dynamics 365 map?

An advanced plugin called Dynamics 365 Map that connects to your Dynamics 365 and shows all the CRM data on the map. It was created using Power Apps support and works nicely with CRM.

Comprehending a list of thousands of consumers from various places can be challenging. However, integrating the map into your business makes it simple to see which regions have higher sales and require greater marketing efforts. The marketing and sales staff benefits the most from the Dynamics 365 Map. 

Benefits of map integration on Dynamics 365

  • Easy data plotting

A big dataset might be lengthy and difficult to grasp visually. When data is graphically represented, the power of visualization is enhanced. This makes contrasting and understanding various parts easier. 

You may easily convert different sorts of data or geographic points into other graphical representations of your choice by integrating Dynamics 365 map. As a result, understanding CRM data is simplified and organized better.

Data graphing using Dynamics 365 maps also has the advantage of being mobile-friendly. As a result, even managers may easily plot data from their field team members and then share it with them. Team members can better interact with and work on the shared data because of this accessibility.

  • Route optimization 

If you arrive late for a meeting, your client gets a bad impression of you or your business. This makes your customers to feel like you don’t care about them. So that you must take time management seriously. You must choose the correct route to get there on time.

Therefore, the Dynamics Map is the ideal answer, which will guide you best. For instance, sales agents need a road map to help them. They won’t be familiar with all the routes in town, and they could run into traffic. Integration of a map plugin in your business will display optimized routes with the assistance of Google Maps and Bing Maps.

The Shortest Path First algorithm will be used to create the routes. Additionally, it will display how long it will take to get there. Additionally, the itinerary will recommend toll-free routes and steer clear of any congested or closed roads.

  • Appointment planning 

An effectively organized and timely appointment contributes significantly to long-term growth and development. This fosters the establishment of robust customer relationships, enabling more effective management.

The practice of proactive appointment scheduling also streamlines decision-making processes. Strategizing customer appointments holds paramount importance for any organization.

It optimizes time utilization and extends to scheduling appointments with diverse entities, including leads. This proactive approach enhances operational efficiency and progress through optimized routes. Moreover, it streamlines task execution by incorporating turn-by-turn navigation facilitated by maps.

  • Robust security templates

It may seem enticing to display all data on maps, but doing so increases the danger of data breaches. A seemingly helpful feature may become expensive in larger enterprises because controlling data distribution becomes difficult.

Similarly, it is impractical to show every employee the entirety of the CRM data. Access should be limited to the information that is needed. The building of security templates is made possible by the features included in map plugins.

These templates range widely and can fit different job functions, ensuring that only employees have access to pertinent data. The possibility of breaches is reduced due to this strategy’s reduction of security threats. 

  • Easy Tracking of Check-in and Check-out

The managers must wait until the end of the day to receive the meeting report. So they must call their sales representatives if they urgently require such reports. The sales representatives may be distracted by the call when they are in meetings.

The Check-in and Check-out function of the Dynamics Map offers a solution to this straightforward issue. The beginning and end of the sales representatives meeting can be confirmed. Additionally, they can provide meeting summaries and other information on the check-in and check-out page.

The managers can view the current location of each of their employees and determine whether or not they are attending meetings. Now they can get the information without calling them.

  • Point of Interest

Throughout the day, sales representatives operate in the field, necessitating various stops like refueling and visits to cafeterias, restaurants, pharmacies, and more. Given that not all these places are familiar to them, Dynamics 365 maps offer a solution.

This entails the capability to explore these locations, coupled with the option to apply filters based on ratings and reviews. By utilizing these tools, field employees can easily identify the whereabouts of essential facilities, all within proximity.

Consequently, this resourcefulness assists them in planning meetings in convenient cafeterias or exploring places of personal interest. Notably, these features extend their utility to even emergencies, providing valuable assistance.

  • Analytics Dashboard

Analysis results in improvement. It can grow when a company can access enough data to examine what is working and what is not. Data is used to plan the future marketing strategy, particularly if you’re sending your sales force into the field.

You can analyze with the aid of the reports derived from the day, week, month, and year data. Make adjustments that call for immediate action and long-term strategies based on such reports.

You can filter and compare various elements using the analytics dashboard in the Dynamics map to create reports. You can better plan when everything is displayed on the dashboard, including business choices, sales rep performance, sales data, and other items.

  • Data Categorization

Navigating through many records can be overwhelming, diluting the power of visualization and complicating future decision-making. However, Dynamics 365 maps offer a solution by facilitating organized data categorization.

Incorporating color codes enhances clarity, which can be managed from your smartphone. This functionality enables the display of select layers or fields while concealing the rest.

It even generates grids for streamlined filtering of essential details, simplifying the plotting of diverse record categories onto a map. The outcome is a comprehensive, intelligible map that enhances productivity. This feature unlocks future opportunities and significantly contributes to revenue generation.

  • Advanced search

Your management might be at a client location or elsewhere for a meeting. What if you could locate the locations of other clients nearby right now? For these situations, the advanced search tool at the Dynamic 365 map performs well. The customers close to their current location are displayed via the search tool.

Therefore, they can use this function to know the locations of other clients if they are out and about and leave their meetings earlier than intended. By doing this, they can maximize their time and increase client engagement.

To perform a proximity search, the user must apply a few filters only to retrieve the necessary data. The outcome would display concentric rings of various widths depending on the distance you selected. The ideal places for the managers to work can be found there.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation

Having clear directions to your location is essential for route optimization and running meetings efficiently. Turn-by-turn navigation is used to ensure precise adherence to itineraries.

This function boosts efficiency and speed by creating navigation links and assisting in choosing the shortest path. Using turn-by-turn directions is crucial when traversing busy streets because it makes getting to your destination easier and guarantees you arrive on time.

By providing a visual overview of the route and timely alerts for impending turns on crowded highways, satellite navigation systems efficiently determine directions for the selected route.

  • Multi-language support

In order to maximize the plugin’s effectiveness, the field mapping feature within Dynamics 365 offers multilingual support. This proves particularly beneficial for enterprises with sales teams spanning various nations.

This feature enables employees to utilize the plugin according to their desired language. Moreover, this feature is valuable for organizations with a diverse global workforce.

For instance, if your individual finds the native language unfamiliar, they can seamlessly switch to their preferred language, ensuring optimal plugin utilization.

Final words

Recently, there have been numerous mapping tools available in the market. However, user of Dynamics 365 don’t need to worry about the mapping options because the users can purchase a map plugin rather than a stand-alone application. 

By integrating with their Dynamics CRM, this plugin will eliminate the requirement for a separate mapping tool. The plugin displays all the data on a map and works effectively with CRM. This is the most economical option for Dynamics 365 users to use mapping tools.

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