Nothing beats a hearty breakfast with tasty foods such as eggs and avocados. In addition to excellent taste, new research claims that starting the day with protein-rich staples like these will also help maintain strong muscles as we age. Eating more breakfast foods can reverse muscle loss as you age.

A recent study published in Cell Reports looked at the effects of eating high-protein meals at breakfast, rather than later in the day. The researchers found that older women who ate more protein in the morning had gains in muscle mass and better resistance to adhesion over time. The study authors had similar results in mice fed an 8.5% protein breakfast for two weeks: they showed a 17% increase in muscle growth compared to mice fed an 11.5% protein dinner.

Researchers say that these results are a promising starting point for understanding how meals affect our body’s ability to break down proteins and promote muscle health. In the meantime, they encourage us all to rethink when we eat the most protein today.

“Our results strongly support changing this rule and consuming more protein for breakfast or morning snack,” the study’s lead author, Shigenobu Shibata, said in a statement. Given that we should consume about 80-90 grams of protein each day to prevent muscle breakdown, the researchers suggest that we consume most of it during the first meal.

Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious ways to do this! Try making a juicy steak and serving it with a garnish of fluffy mixed eggs for a classic, deluxe breakfast. Or, if you don’t have time, just enjoy a bowl of yogurt with berries, honey and cereal. Just make sure you mix the clear liquid from the top of the yogurt container, called sour whey and filled with protein. You can even add protein powder to your joe cup in the morning to keep your muscles strong and boost your metabolism.

No matter how you eat protein in the morning, all you know is that it will bring you muscle health benefits over time. In addition, it helps you have fewer problems with daily exercise, such as walking or cycling, to compensate for age-related muscle loss!

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