People often decide to shave their heads with Mens Head Shaver when they have receding hairlines which will do no good in the looks department. Or, maybe they are aspiring for a look that will be easy to maintain, and also keep them cool in the summertime. 

But, there are a few things that need to be considered before you pick up a Head Shaver and take the plunge, and rock the chrome dome. 

Before shaving your head, you should keep in mind the following things:

  • At some point in their lives, most men experience loss of hair.
  • Once you sport the bald look, you start looking more confident and dominant. 
  • Zero Maintenance is involved when you choose to be bald, but still then, you should take proper care of your scalp. 

Just scroll through to know some of the things that you should consider before rocking the bald dome:

(1) Do you really want to give up your hair?

Look, we are not trying to put you off from shaving your head with a Mens Head Shaver? But, before you decide to give that up, you should always give it a second thought, especially if you sport an epic mane that girls fall head over heels for. 

On the other hand, it is also possible that you have tried all the textbook tricks to stop your gradual hair loss but with not so lucky. If this is the case, then you should definitely opt for shaving your head with a Head Shaver, without even giving a second thought. 

It is a bitter truth that at some point in their lives, most men get affected by male pattern baldness. Several studies have shown that two-thirds of men, experience some degree of hair loss, by the age of 35. 

Always think twice before you decide to hack it off prematurely especially if you possess succulent locks that any guy would kill for. Before you take a Mens Head Shaver to your head, just keep this in mind. 

(2) Do you possess the right head shape to sport a bald look?

You should always take into consideration your head shape well in advance before you decide to shave your head with a Head Shaver. Keep in mind that everyone is not blessed with the perfect head shape that can rock the chrome dome. 

The best candidates for a shaved head are those who have round head shapes. If you are having weird bumps and divots, or if the shape of your head looks quite odd, then you might have to opt for a different haircut, to tackle the issue of receding hairline, which will be more appreciating to the shape of your head. 

(3) How do you want yourself to be discerned?

Is your ultimate goal in life has always been to look like a badass? Well, then we have got good news for you. Once you decide to rock a bald look with the help of a Mens Head Shaver, it gives you immense confidence. People think that you are confident, which is close enough. 

Several studies have shown that men with shaved heads were being recognized as being more masculine, dominant, and confident when compared to men with hair. This modern perception of bald men has been helped by some famous bald men, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham. Rethink the bald look if you would rather not look super masculine or intimidating. 

(4) Are you committed to maintaining your bald look?

Regular trips to the barber will soon become a thing of the past, once you decide to shave your head with a Head Shaver. No doubt, this is one of the best perks of being bald, but don’t be under the wrong impression that zero upkeep is required for a hairless head. 

Even if you are experiencing receding hairlines, you are still required to shave your head mainly because it grows back in the form of irritating stubble. 

If you want to prevent those razor burns on your scalp, make sure that you invest in a good Head Shaver, and for sensitive skin, a razor is highly recommended. 

You can also consider shaving in the shower which will further minimize the chances of cuts and razor burns. This will help keep your skin moisturized and will also make cleaning up a breeze. 

(5) Are you prepared to take care of the skin on your head?

More work is required to take care of a freshly shorn scalp than it might seem. You need to level up your skincare routine in order to take care of that sexy bald dome of yours, once your hair is gone. 

One of the most important bald head care tips that we can pass on is that you can apply sunscreen to your scalp every day. Moreover, when you apply a daily moisturizer with SPF, it not only prevents liver spots on your head but also eliminates the risk of skin cancer. 

Key Takeaway:

Always think through your decision carefully. When you can keep all the above-mentioned considerations in mind, you will feel a little more confident before you decide to shave your head with a Mens Head Shaver. 

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