Shoes are the main thing in your appearance representing your whole personality. The real person has to choose the shoes according to the occasion. Some people wear the best and most matched-looking clothes but have no sense of wearing the right matched shoes. There are many different quality of cheap and expensive shoes are available in the market. 

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Real shoe lovers know that thing that quality and comfortability matter instead of designs and styles. This post briefly discusses and guides which tips are best for choosing the right shoes for every occasion.

Depends On Occasion

The occasion will clarify you that which shoes are picking to wear first. If you’re going to the wedding event so you wear black or brown office shoes with matched your dress, and if you’re invited in the birthday party so definitely you wear party shoes or sneakers, in the same way the occasion clears your all the questions about what type of shoes and all these factors are determine you that how to dressed up or dressed down. 

Who’s Going With You?

Once you know about the occasion, you are curious about who will be there. When you’re just around with your friends, the choice of wearing shoes won’t matter. But similarly your choice will really matter if you are around your boss, colleagues or new clients. Just like that if you are going to meet with clients and wear an expensive suit, it may be pointless. But, in the same way if you wear dirty and old sneakers, it may be noticeable.

Material Of Shoes

If you want to know about the shoes and how they are comfortable, check out their material. Many types of materials are used to make shoes. Such as synthetic, leather, textile, polyurethane, artificial leather, Kevlar etc., when you purchase shoes, you must consider the material because some of the materials are unsuitable for your feet, and you may be allergic. The same thing every might be comfortable with every material. For example, leather and soft fibre shoes are more comfortable compared to textiles and synthetic. On the other hand, textile, synthetics and polyurethane are more long-lasting.

Shoes Must Fit Your Feet

Whenever you purchase shoes, you must consider that the shoe is perfectly matched your size and comfortable for your feet. Sometimes the same-size shoes are much fitted to your feet and do not give you a comfortable feel. This is because, some shoe brands make size on their balance. But the thing you will consider in your mind is that the shoe you purchase is one number bigger, so is not matter, but there will be no compromise for the small or short size shoe within any condition. Therefore, when buying the shoes at the shop, wear and test the shoes twice. First, take a few steps front and back on the floor and check how you feel if there is so much space inside your shoe that is obviously larger than your feet. On the other hand, if you feel pressure at your heel and your toes, you will quickly identify that this is not the correct size. Then, purchase the shoe with full of satisfaction.

Shoe Must Be Comfortable From Inside

The best practice of buying shoes is that you first check the shoe and how comfortable it is from the inside, and the second thing you have to check is the sole’s quality; it should be soft and lightweight. Then check the pad; if the shoe is padded, that is a good sign; this makes them even more comfortable If the pad’s material is soft and made with foam. Finally, the weight of the shoes must be light. If the shoe is heavy, you will feel something uncomfortable dragging you down as you run and walk. Lightweight shoes will give you a comfortable boost walking around, and your feet will be free from any other pain or heaviness.


It is very challenging to choose the right shoes for the occasion. Are you the same person also in trouble with choosing the right choice for the occasion? If yes, so, the post is for you. If you are the main person in the family or friends and you are not good at choosing the right shoes, it may be more embracing. These things negatively affect your personality and make you look like a fool. Don’t worry about that; this post provides the full explanation and complete guidance for choosing the right shoes for every occasion. If you want to know more about this topic and related posts, stay in touch with us or visit the store site.

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