Car Loan : Do’s, Don’s, Features, Benefits

Car Loan

Car Loans: All the top banks offer car loans at a competitive rate. There is a good chance that you will buy your car and get a loan for it. But recently you came across a loan package that is better than the current one and you want that loan portfolio instead. If this sounds familiar to you, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is you haven’t lost your chance.

Transferring your car loan balance can be defined as the process of transferring your loan from your existing lender to another bank that offers more flexibility and competitive interest rates. In this case, you will pay a higher interest rate on the loan than the market interest rate. You can also pay a higher interest rate if you want flexibility in terms of the loan term or if you want to take advantage of better terms. With a car loan transfer, you can check your current debt obligations according to your budget.

Car loan transfer process

The ideal way to go through the car loan transfer process is to always look for the right package. When transferring car loans, all lenders get an idea of ​​which car loan they can offer the best. It is important to know the interest rate offered by the creditor for the balance transfer and the fees involved.

Once you know with which lender you want to transfer a car loan, you should discuss with your existing lender about transferring the balance to another lender’s account. At this point, you should also check with your existing lender to see if there is a foreclosure or prepayment penalty due to the car loan transfer. You should also start by arranging the documents / records needed for the transfer.

Many BNFCs and banks also allow you to transfer the balance of your existing car loan and obtain an additional loan to meet your working capital needs. So make sure you use your care properly so that you get the best deal available. Before starting the transfer, you should also consider the savings you will get by transferring the loan from one bank to another.

It is important to remember that each bank has a different method for transferring car loans. Please ask at the bank. The following procedure is usually used:

  • The new lender to whom you transferred the loan will credit the remaining amount of the loan to your account so that you can fully repay the previous loan.
  • The new creditor will issue a draft application in favor of the bank or the previous creditor.
  • The new bank will coordinate with your previous bank to settle the loan with the previous bank.

Transfers and car loan services

The main benefit of a transfer is the profit you will get from a new lower bank interest. It is also your savior if you have not read the small imprint of the loan agreement before signing on the dotted line.

Car loan transfers can also be useful to get an inventory of outstanding debts and to make financial planning accordingly. If you want to eliminate large EMIs, a car loan transfer can be an advantage. Once you’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages of a transfer, it will be easier for you to decide if the transfer option is economical for you.

In other words, car loan transfers are an easy way to revitalize your financial portfolio because it offers more benefits.

Transfer of the self-authorization loan

There doesn’t seem to be any minimum eligibility criteria for a car loan transfer. However, according to market practice, a new lender will consider the following factors when deciding on your loan refinancing application:

  • You have not defaulted on payments on this loan: nobody wants to give a loan to someone who has not made any payments. If you are currently behind EMI payments with your existing creditor, you probably cannot find a funding agent.
  • The car should be worth something: Lenders usually check the condition of before deciding to extend the refinanced loan. The age and mileage of your car are factors that should be considered.
  • Credit Score: Your credit score is an indicator of your financial health. As with any application, the success of a car loan refinance application depends on how good your credit score is. Lenders would normally expect you to get an improved credit score compared to the score you had when the original loan was extended.

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