There is no such thing as a “shade that suits everyone” for makeup. For years, beauty brands have strived to create products that fit darker skin. The foundations available were either gray, unrealistic or, in many cases, non-existent. Fortunately, the game changers (thanks Rihanna) pointed out that more than half of the country does not fit into the fair camp. Today, popular makeup lines are expanding their color palette to include deeper tones and launching new products (which we say the time has come for).

With darker complexions now available for beauty lovers, with a wider range of products, we have made our goal to gather the best of the best.

The best makeup for dark skin.

The best foundation

Ask a makeup artist and they will have at least one Make Up For Ever product in their kit. Why? Color delivery, smooth and silky formulas, unexpected finishes and durability add to its popularity – not to mention the wide range of foundation shades. “Check if the foundation shades are right for your skin by applying at least three shades on your chest and jaw. Let it dry for a few seconds and then see which one best suits your skin. You’ll know if you’re or not someone who needs something with a warmer or colder tone


The brand recently relaunched its Ultra HD Invisible Cover version of its popular Foundations and Foundation Sticks, which also includes a new range of 40 shades that offer an airbrush finish for all skin tones.

When choosing a foundation, you want to be sure that it will match the tones coming from the neck / chest / shoulder area. Sorrells says, “It never conforms to the face because it is often lighter than the body. You want to pull out the undertones of these areas so that everything is seamless. Black women have beautiful multi-dimensional skin tones and it is important that the complexion is not flat and inappropriate. “

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Best corrector: NARS Radiant Creamy Corrector

Well known and loved for its extensive range of shades and formulas, NARS has remained a makeup artist favorite since its inception. According to Sorrells, “the brand’s foundations appeal to women with darker skin tones because they offer gold, neutral, olive, and deep tones. They also have matte and satin finishes to choose from.”

This cult concealer is now available in a deep cocoa color, perfect for lightening darker skin tones under the eyes. Put the product in the inner corner of the eye and downwards. Mix the outside to the end of the eye with a small hairbrush.

The best setting powder

Iman Cosmetics makes this list because Iman is a goddess and we trust everything she creates and second, the products are just as good. They are all designed for medium to dark skin tones, but don’t assume that this will limit your options, think again.

The line’s luxurious pressed powder warms the skin and can serve as a powder. Brush up the powder with a tapered brush and tap lightly. And the price of the pharmacy doesn’t hurt either.

The best contour pencil

Founded by an African American makeup artist, Black Up is the first luxury beauty brand for women of color and recently received the Sephora Seal of Approval. Black Up products claim to enhance dark skin tones instead of matching them.

makeup for dark skin

One of the brand’s outstanding products is the Contouring Stick, which is available in five medium to deep shades. “I create the look of a deeper skin, which is emphasized by the emphasis under the eyes, the bridge of the nose and the cheekbones

The best lipstick

Another pharmacy gem, Black Opal, founded in New York in 1994, was the first technologically advanced line, recommended by the doctor, of skin care products for the mass market for women of color. It was so well received that the brand then launched a makeup line. “Black Opal Foundation Sticks are amazing not only in terms of consistency, but also in the color palette! Their shades are rich and beautiful. I’ve never had any problems associating with anyone. They are super buttery, skin-like and affordable.

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