Performance Testing

Why Is Performance Testing Critical For Businesses?

Catering to the arrival of new technological advancements, the need for high-performing apps from all business verticals has increased more than ever. It is because customers these days expect applications or websites that can offer hassle-free usage, irrespective of the load.   More importantly, the situation has built colossal peer pressure for enterprises across industries, intensifying the idea of seamless performance and richness of (customer experience) because this is what ultimately…
Cyber Security Threats

12 Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out in 2021

As more of your business activities are becoming digital, cybersecurity becomes even more critical to protecting reputation, revenues, and customer trust. But, do you know about Cyber Security Threats? Are your operations and systems being protected? You may have heard the term “Cyber Security Threat” in media, or you may have got any pop-up alert on your smartphone with warnings. Do you know the reasons for hacking in countries? Do…